Swollen + Asian Rhinoplasty

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10 Days Post Op Rhinoplasty: Is my Tip Going to Become More Refined? (photo)

It doesn't seem like my doctor did anything about the tip of my nose because it looks the same as it did before.. He says it's just swollen. What do... READ MORE

Are my Alae Still Swollen After 7 Months Post Op? (photo)

It's been 7 months since my alar base reduction surgery. Even though I can see a very slight narrowing of my nostrils but I notice my nose has changed... READ MORE

Does Gortex Show Immediate Healing Faster Than Rib Cartilage for Bridge Implants?

I'm 8 days post-op with using ib cartilage implants in my bridge and tip with a Asian rhinoplasty. Another Asian girl at the same healing day as me... READ MORE

Ear Cartlidge Augmentation. Possibly Infected?

I had closed revision rhinoplasty 10 days ago. Not only am I completely swollen in 1 part of my nose like a lump. But it is red. I saw my doctor after... READ MORE

Red bump 7 months after steroid injection and Rhinoplasty a year ago. What could be causing the bump and will it go away?

I had a rhinoseptoplasty (alar rim grafts, spreader grafts) almost a year ago. I had steroid injections in the nose tip and left alar rim 7 months ago... READ MORE

Nose swelling more than 15 years after asian rhinoplasty. What's causing this?

I had asian rhinoplasty(not sure Gore-tex or Silicone including nasal tip) more than 15 years ago. No complications until now. About a month ago, the... READ MORE

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