Scar Tissue + Asian Rhinoplasty

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2 Years Post-Op I Have A Bump Of Scar Tissue On My Nose. Will A Steroid Injection Fix This?

It's been almost 2 years after my Rhinoplasty and there is a bump above my left nostril. My doctor said it's scar tissue and injected the... READ MORE

How Does the Build Up of Scar Tissue Impact the Narrowing of the Nose?

What are the other complications of scar tissue from an Asian Rhinoplasty? READ MORE

How common is internal scar tissue formation after Asian rhinoplasty? Or any primary rhinoplasty procedure for that matter?

I am Asian with thicker, oily skin. I do not consider myself the greatest healer. My body tends to overproduce scar tissue. I am concerned that my... READ MORE

Could Rhinoplasty Result in Thick Scar Tissue on the Septum?

I'm east asian, 5 months post op. My doctor harvested ear and septal cartilage for grafts. I don't know what else he did on the septum, but now... READ MORE

I'm seeking Asian Rhinoplasty. Is it normal that you get bulbous tip from scar tissue? (photo)

I am seeking Asian rhinoplasty and found this diagram on someone's website. Is this a general concern when performing Asian rhinoplasty? I do not... READ MORE

I need Asian rhinoplasty revision. I can't find a plastic surgeon who is experienced in Asian faces near me (KCMO). (Photo)

Orig surgery was 3 years ago in CA, a lot of experienced surgeons specific to Asians. Two weeks after surgery, stitch came out of R nostril, that side... READ MORE

My Doctor Says Kenalog Injections Are Risky but I Suspect Excess Scar Tissue Forming Around an Implant; Can Prednisone Help?

I am 3 months post-op & have had some setbacks. I have a ball under my tip/Medpor graft & on my dorsum due to a bump 6 weeks ago; it's... READ MORE

What are the best methods to stabilize a shield graft in an Asian patient?

I had a rhinoplasty with a septal shield graft and notice the tip is dropping. I need a revision for additional scar tissue removal, but I was... READ MORE

I had a Medpor strut graft removed and now my breathing is worse. Can I replace it?

I am a thick skinned, wide-nosed Asian patient that had Medpor bilateral strut graft & ear cartilage in my middle nose in a functional & aesthetic... READ MORE

Can Asians with thick nasal skin undergo effective tip refinement surgery?

Apparently thick nasal skin pretty much disqualifies someone from rhinoplasty, in that the thick nasal skin will totally hide the improvements made to... READ MORE

Reshape nose tip on a nose with existing nasal implant

I'm an 28 yo Asian female and I had a L shape silicon nasal implant surgery 8 years ago. Lately I notice my nose tip seems to get bigger and rounder,... READ MORE

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