Risk + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Heard Bad Things About Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty, What's the Risk?

I am asian girl and going to have rib cartilage rhinoplasty. Whats the risk of it? bad things about rib cartilage rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Not Enough Cartilage on my Ears for Asian Rhinoplasty?

My body's extremely sensitive to medications and even reacts to adhesives such as bandaids. During a rhinoplasty consult the surgeon told me that I do... READ MORE

I Would Like to Have my Septal Extension Grafts Removed.What Are the Risks? (photo)

I am an asian who had a tip rhinoplasty 3 months ago and strongly dislike the stiffness brought by the caudal septal extension grafts.However,the... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Lessen the Risk of an Infection in my Gore-tex Implant?

I recently had Asian rhino where a thin gore-tex implant was used to elevate my bridge. Although this is a highly popular practice in Asia, it appears... READ MORE

Will Having a Thin Gore-tex Implant As Opposed to a Thick One in the Nose Lessen the Chances of Extrusion/infection?

A month ago, I had rhinoplasty where the PS used a thin piece of gore-tex to on my nose bridge. I used a thinner implant because I was satisfied with... READ MORE

HELP!!! Can i use someone else's septal cartilage for Asian rhinoplasty revision? What are the risks and dangers?

I no longer have my septal cartilage after having a setorhinoplasty. i have a 2.5mm silicon but want that removed as it is not safe at all. My doctor... READ MORE

Are There More Complications/Risks Decreasing or Increasing the Size of a Nose?

I'm an asian male, and I was wondering if there are more complications decreasing or increasing the size of a nose? READ MORE

How common is internal scar tissue formation after Asian rhinoplasty? Or any primary rhinoplasty procedure for that matter?

I am Asian with thicker, oily skin. I do not consider myself the greatest healer. My body tends to overproduce scar tissue. I am concerned that my... READ MORE

Family History of Keloids?

Hi, My father has keloids but as far as I know I havent got it. I've had injections on my hand but didnt get it. I want to do a nose job and I am... READ MORE

One doctor wants to use Gore Tex for my nose, but I need a second opinion about it. How risky is it to use Gore Tex?

He wants to use my own cartilage (taken from my ear) to refine the tip of the nose, but to enhance and augment my bridge, he wants to use Gore Tex.... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty; What are the risks of using your own diced rib cartilage wrapped around your own fascia?

1. What are the risks of using your own diced rib cartilage wrapped around your own fascia? 2. How do you make decisions to use either diced or whole... READ MORE

Can the hump on the nose bridge be kept and are there any risks with it? (ethnic rhinoplasty)

I'm a South Asian girl with Arabic heritage. I have a aquilline" nose with a small bump on the bridge, the bump is what makes my nose look short. When... READ MORE

How can rhinoplasty correct a flat nose? (Photo)

I am asian and I have a flat nose. . I am planning for a rhinoplasty job in my nose. But now, I am wondering if it's safe or not. Since my nose is... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty + Breast Augmentation - risks.

Dear Doctors, I have a Asian Rhinoplasty in march and a Breast Augmentation in may, performed by different Doctors. Would there be any risk involved,... READ MORE

Would an Asian rhinoplasty be worth it for me? (Photos)

I like my nose but wish that it would have a narrower bridge, more definition in the tip, and maybe a more elevated bridge; my main concern is how... READ MORE

Splint removal 4 day post op Asian Rhinoplasty?

I had Asian rhinoplasty using silicone and septal cartilage for tip and my PS removed splint 4 days later. is there a risk of removing splint earlier... READ MORE

Goretex and Dental Infection: Is it possible for that Dental Infection to infect your Gore-Tex Implant?

I am not sure if this question make sense but i will ask anyway. say you didn't know you have dental infection probably from previous root canal or... READ MORE

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