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Nasal Implant Removal After Asian Rhinoplasty?

Underwent Asian Rhinoplasty 5 months ago. During the surgery, the surgeon inserted a silicone implant on the bridge of the nose and used ear cartilage... READ MORE

I Can Feel Something in my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I got asian rhinoplasty done in China one year ago. i BELIEVE the doctor used silicone for the bridge and my nasal cartilage for the tip. When I touch... READ MORE

Reducing Thickness of Flesh/skin Around Nostrils

I am Asian with a rather fleshy nose with a bulbous tip. My rhinoplasty has improved my tip definition. However, i notice my alars(which are also very... READ MORE

Permanent Suture and Metal Plates in my Nose Causing Irritation?

In order to safeguard the stability of my nose, a permanent suture and two tiny metal plates were used to hold my nasal septum in place. This... READ MORE

Medpor, Gore-tex and Banked Carlilage for Building the Bridge w/ an Asian Revision, Which is the Best? (photo(

I need a revision asap. Year 1996 had a L-shape silicone implant, It was straight and fine. Year 2006, in order to avoid extrusion (never happened by... READ MORE

L-shaped Silicone in My Nose, But Want to Get Rid of the Hard Tip?

I am asian and I had L-shaped silicone in my nose now and I actually likes the shape of my nose now except for the hard tip that make people notice I... READ MORE

Recommendation for Asian Revision Rhinoplasty, Replacing Implant?

Could you please recommend doctors who are experienced in revision rhinoplasty replacing silicone implant with _______? If you are one, I want to know... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous to Keep Removing and Inserting Implants into the Nose?

I'm an asian male, early 20s. I was unhappy with th first silicone implant in my nose bridge because it was too high and did not fit with my... READ MORE

Diced Cartilage Graft with or without Fascia for Asian Rhinoplasty Bridge Augmentation?

I removed a silicone implant a few years ago and it left me with a very low bridge. I am looking to get an Asian Revision Rhinoplasty w/ a Diced... READ MORE

1 year post op Asian revision rhinoplasty, I have an extrusion, crooked results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got my nose done a year ago using I-silicone&ear cartilage. Kindly need your advice on my questions below: 1. The nose is crooked. The nostril is... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Replace a Silicone Implant if I Simply Want a Tiplasty & a Possible Osteotomy..?

I am an asian female and had primary rhinoplasty 2 yrs ago, in which my Dr. used a silicone implant to heighten my bridge and ear cartilage to improve... READ MORE

Revision ASAP?

I just had rhinoplasty done (I'm Asian) , with cartilage harvested from the EAR. My nose was once straight, but immediately after, I notice an... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhinoplasty a Good Idea?

I underwent augmented rhinoplasty with alar and tip correction. Later I realised the implant is deviated towards left. Manipulation didn't work. After... READ MORE

L-Shaped implant causing too much pressure on nose tip. Should I wait or try to do revision ASAP?

Almost 5 months ago I had Asian rhinoplasty done with L silicon implant and ear cartilage at the tip. There has been lots of pressure at the tip ever... READ MORE

Ear Cartlidge Augmentation. Possibly Infected?

I had closed revision rhinoplasty 10 days ago. Not only am I completely swollen in 1 part of my nose like a lump. But it is red. I saw my doctor after... READ MORE

My nose look artificial. Should I have a revision? (Photo)

I did my nose job using l shape silicone 3weeks back. I don't want to use natural cartridge. But now I feel it look artificial . Should I go for... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty revision using either a diced cartilage graft (only) or a diced cartilage graft (wrapped in fascia)?

I am looking to do an Asian rhinoplasty revision using either a diced cartilage graft (only) or a diced cartilage graft (wrapped in fascia). I am... READ MORE

Thinking of removing implant in a few months, but how will the result look with the Osteotomy/Tip Plasty already done? (photos)

I recently had Asian rhinoplasty in Korea. I had a silicon implant, osteotomy, alar base reduction (and cinch suture) and tipplasty udon septal... READ MORE

Upturned nose Asian Rhinoplasty. Do I need revision? (photos)

It's one month since I got open rhinoplasty in Jakarta, but I am living in Europe. My surgeon put i shaped implant with ear cartilage for the tip. He... READ MORE

Im asian,had 4 rhinoplasty/revisions,nose is SO crooked/uneven nostrils! What needs to be done to fix/rebuild? Who is right doc?

First did alar reduction/implant bridge w/tip.I LOVED the look,but had redness in tip of nose.6 mnths later replaced it with smaller,flatter... READ MORE

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