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Asian Rhinoplasty for Male

I am an asian male and need to augment my bridge so that it will project well with the tip. I like to know if this procedure will be done without it... READ MORE

Can Pinching/Applying Pressure Help my Nose Post-Nasal Implant Removal Op?

I'm 25, Asian,flat nose.Had my 1st rhino in ‘07 with I-implant (bad-too high, no tip) Change doctor. removed implant last yr n added a bit... READ MORE

Why do Asian rhinoplasty results seem more dramatic in Korea?

I'm contemplating getting Asian rhinoplasty but not for a few years. While looking at sites I have noticed that results look a bit more dramatic and... READ MORE

9 days post of - Asian Rhinoplasty result?

I got my rhinoplasty 9 days ago The doctor placed ultra soft silicon in the bridge&used my ear cartilage,nasal septum. The goal was to have my hump... READ MORE

Questions encompassing Asian Rhinoplasty?

1.The result looks very shiny, and thin(i.e. A little plastic-y). What contributes to this look, aside from probably skin thickness) How to avoid... READ MORE

Are these achievable results with one rhinoplasty? What would I have to ask for done, an "Asian rhinoplasty?" (photo)

The first three pictures are of me, and the other is of someone I know. I wanted to use her nose as a guide because I feel like it would look the most... READ MORE

Can an Asian rhinoplasty have good results?

I have always wanted a nose job but recently I have looked more into it and have decided that this is something that I would like to save up for and... READ MORE

What are some realistic expectations for Asian rhinoplasty to correct asymmetry and a bulbous nose?

I have an asymmetrical and bulbous nose and would like to have a slightly narrower nose and higher nose bridge. I've read that the procedure/results... READ MORE

Can poor skin care effect rhinoplasty results? (Photos)

I'm 5 months post op and my nose looks way worse than at 2 months post op. I was scared of touching my nose, so I didn't wash it properly for 3 months... READ MORE

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