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Asian Rhinoplasty - When Can I Take out my Silicone Implant from my Nose?

I had my humped nose corrected and inserted a silicone implant three weeks ago in Korea. Now I'm regretting ever getting the implant because... READ MORE

Taking out Ear Cartilage (nose Grafts) from Previous Rhinoplasty Procedure?

I had ear cartilage(nose grafts) inserted in my nose to give the nose an extension and more definition. It's now been a almost five years since the... READ MORE

Can Pinching/Applying Pressure Help my Nose Post-Nasal Implant Removal Op?

I'm 25, Asian,flat nose.Had my 1st rhino in ‘07 with I-implant (bad-too high, no tip) Change doctor. removed implant last yr n added a bit... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Replace a Silicone Implant if I Simply Want a Tiplasty & a Possible Osteotomy..?

I am an asian female and had primary rhinoplasty 2 yrs ago, in which my Dr. used a silicone implant to heighten my bridge and ear cartilage to improve... READ MORE

Nose Silicon Removal Possible?

Asian female Had rhino + alarplasty last week. Before, I had a high nose bridge between my eyes, low one following down till my tip. So Dr. added a L... READ MORE

How To Best Address Droopy Nose Tip? I Already Have Juvederm, Should I Be Removed First? (photo)

Hi, I've consulted a few korean docs and they said I have a slight droopy nose tip and they suggested I shld do rhinoplasty.I have Juverderm on my... READ MORE

I Would Like to Have my Septal Extension Grafts Removed.What Are the Risks? (photo)

I am an asian who had a tip rhinoplasty 3 months ago and strongly dislike the stiffness brought by the caudal septal extension grafts.However,the... READ MORE

What Would It Look Like if the Silicone is Removed After Years of Having the Implant in the Nose?

I am asian female and just had a small silicon L-shaped implant with alar trimming and told them to make it look natural. I did it for my job, i work... READ MORE

Any Problem to Remove Cartilage and Foreign Material?

I'm an asian. A few weeks ago, I had a Rhinoplasty but I would like to revise it.  Materials are: gortext-between eyebrows,ePTFE-coated... READ MORE

Silicone Implant Removal by Any Plastic Surgeon?

I got a nose job 14 months ago. but I have a persistent redness, and (rash/pimples) around silicone implant for about 7-8 months since then. Took... READ MORE

Doctor for nasal polyps removal and rhinoplasty, specialty in Asian nose preferably in Toronto area. (Photo)

My nose profile has always been my complex, additionally i have grown nasal polyps on both nostrils which made me hate my nose even more and pursue... READ MORE

After my recent rhinoplasty, I would like to remove my silicone implant. Is this possible? (Photos)

Hello, I am 8 days post op from a rhinoplasty performed in Korea. The nose is perfect, but it does not suit my asian face. It is too high and narrow.... READ MORE

Asian female rhinoplasty. What do you think I should be aware of before removing my implant?

Will 2 mm of silicone implant make a huge difference for asian females (considering typical asians have flat nose)? I am thinking to remove my nasal... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty removal. Will people notice the difference?

I want to remove my silicone implant badly because it looks fake and not considering any replacement. Will people notice the difference of 2-3mm... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty: post-implant removal? (photo)

Hello~ About 1 1/2 years ago in Seoul, I had a silicone implant and cartilage graft put in my nose, and I had the base pulled down for more nostril... READ MORE

After removal of the implant and graft, will I be able to push my nose up and side-to-side? Will my nose collapse?

Hello. I had a silicon implant and cartilage graft rhinoplasty about 1.5 yrs ago. I am unable to touch my nose as carelessly as I could before b/c the... READ MORE

Few weeks post-op of Asian Rhinoplasty, will my original nose return upon removal of Goretex implant?

I recently got an "asian" rhinoplasty in which an I-shape Goretex piece was inserted into my nose bridge with ear cartilage to support the tip, but... READ MORE

How long will the swelling occur for asian Rhinoplasty removal?

Hi Doctors, how long will the swelling occur for asian rhinoplasty removal (without any replacement) and what if I also want to inject a small amount... READ MORE

Removing a nose implant: Can a surgeon determine what material was used, from an examination?

I had a nose job done couple years ago back in Asia. Because I was still relative young at that time and there were also some reasons so I could not... READ MORE

Removing ear cartilage and implant from Asian rhinoplasty

I want to ask what is the average price of removal of silicone implant and ear cartilage . From what he lowest price to the highest price? Also what... READ MORE

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