Recovery + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Nostrils Don't Seem to Move After Alar Reduction

"Frozen" nose possible? Nostrils dont really 'spread' after i had the alar reduced? I just got my cast off yesterday and I... READ MORE

Recovery from Asian Rhinoplasty with Cartilage Graft

How long is the recovery from Asian rhinoplasty when cartilage is used vs. synthetic options? READ MORE

What Are Common Medications One Should Avoid After a Rhinoplasty?

Can the recovery time be extended if certain medications are not taken after rhinoplasty? READ MORE

What is the Asian Rhinoplasty recovery time?

How long does the bruising last? I will be travelling from Canada to Beverly hills to get my asian rhinoplasty done. I will be staying there for 10... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty: How Will The Bridge of The Nose Change?

Does bridge work for Asian rhinoplasty take longer to recover than other work? If so, why? READ MORE

Asian Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty at the Same Time.

I'm considering having asian blepharoplasty (upper lids only) and rhinoplasty at the same time. Is it usually cheaper to combine the two... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Sleep on Side After Asian Rhinoplasty?

What position is recommended during recovery from Asian rhinoplasty and for how many days? Is the position important to keep the swelling to a... READ MORE

With Asian Rhinoplasty for Nose Humps, is the Nasal Bone Broken or is the Hump Simply Shaved Off?

Is recovery from a bone shaving for rhinoplasty lengthier than a broken nose correction for rhinoplasty? READ MORE

What's an estimate for Asian rhinoplasty using diced cartilage wrap in fascia? How long is the procedure, recovery etc? (Photo)

I've always hated my nose growing up. Families would point out how flat/big my nose is compared to my sisters. These hurtful comments isn't the reason... READ MORE

What are some tips for recovery of combined (Asian) Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty?

I am looking to get both done, and was wondering what are some recovery tips when the two surgeries are done together. I wear contact lenses, so when... READ MORE

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