Projection + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Do I Need to Have my Nose Tip Projected More, or Possibly my Bridge Enhanced?

I'm asian and my nose tip is kinda underprojected, i.e. more upturned. As a guy wouldn't it be more masculine if it were to be projected more... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - Flat Columella and Flat Tip, What Can Be Done with Surgery? (photo)

What I really dislike about my nose is the columella, I think that's what it's called. My nostril sill goes below, giving it a somewhat of a... READ MORE

Can Extended Columella Strut and Caudal Extension Grafts Be Used Simultaneously?

I've read descriptions/photos where one or the other is used, but not both simultaneously (maybe they did this for ease of explanation). I'm... READ MORE

Is ear cartilage adequate for typical Asian Rhinoplasty patient?

In the typical Asian rhinoplasty patient, is there enough ear cartilage to augment the bridge AND to increase projection and length of the nose? Are... READ MORE

Can I get Rhinoplasty with slightly more tip projection, and not have it change my physical appearance? (photos)

Im interested in a rhinoplasty, for a SLIGHTLY more tip projection. My nose is slightly flat from certain angles. Ide like to keep my nose shape the... READ MORE

How many cm's can I get with the nasal spine implant? Asian nose.

Is it possible to get 1.5 cm-2 cm of nose base projection? I have an acute nose angle and my tip drops down. Could a nose base implant in conjunction... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to get an Asian Osteotomy?

Is it even a good idea for one? What exactly does it do and what look will it give? I feel that my nose root in very deep/sunken into my face and want... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty: can the Asian nose be refined without significantly increasing its forward projection?

Can the nose be refined and the alar flaring be reduced without significantly increasing the tip antero-posterior projection and the nasiolabial... READ MORE

How often can the ear be used for cartilage? Asian patient, no septal cartilage to use

I've already had the back of my ear used for one failed rhinoplasty. I need to get it right this time. I need dorsal augmentation, tip support,... READ MORE

Can ear cartilage grafts in Asian Rhinoplasty be reduced / trimmed if there is TOO much projection?

I have had Asian Rhinoplasty done with a gore-tex graft placed on the bridge and ear cartilage grafts at the tip for projection. Unfortunately, I feel... READ MORE

Can left inferior turbinate tissue hypertrophy projecting an outer appearance and alar cartilage be reshaped? (photos)

I had left inferior turbinate tissue hypertrophy projecting on the outer appreance this happens due to allergy beside the main cause is i apply an ice... READ MORE

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