Pointy + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Making Asian Thinner and Pointier- Is This Nose Possible for Me? (photo)

Is it possible for me to have a thinner, pointer nose and to what extent can plastic surgery make a difference for me? I don't know if I have really... READ MORE

Can Non-invasive Rhinoplasty Make my Nostrils Less Wide, the Tip of my Nose Pointer and Thinner, and my Nose Bridge Higher?

I have an Asian nose and I am not sure if I could change with non-invasive rhinoplasty of with the tradition nose job surgery. READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to rotate tip of nose downwards? (Photo)

I have an upturned pig like nose. Can asian rhinoplasty surgery help rotate my nose downwards and make it more pointy? I hate how in pictures my... READ MORE

Repeat Asian Rhinoplasty For More Prominent Tip?

I've had 2 rhinoplasty in the past, but still not completely satisfied with the tip of my nose. The surgeon have used my ear's cartilage, but I am... READ MORE

My nose is too big for my face? (photos)

I'm 19, Asian. My big flat nose is too big for my face. I want make it smaller and a bit pointy that suits my face. Does this mean my nose need... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Asian nose job. Will it be pointy and grow a longer as time goes by?

Its been almost 2 weeks since they took off my nose splint ( 3 weeks since the day i got a surgery). i feel like the tip of my nose is kinnda round,... READ MORE

Can I still have a pointy nose?

Hi. Im 17 years old turning 18 in 3months. An asian female. I'm wandering answers on how to have a pointy nose because i have a small nose and my nose... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty - Droopy tip or hanging columella? (Photo)

I have 3 years post op from Asian rhinoplasty (goretex + ear cartilage tip) and am looking to get the tip of my nose revised. The tip of my noise is... READ MORE

Asian Revision rhinoplasty. When is the soonest I can get this redone and what would you recommend be done? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty done 4-2015 and I feel that it is too long and pointy. It totally changed the way I look. It was done with diced... READ MORE

What should I do if no doctors want to perform my Asian Rhinoplasty Revision?

I'm Asian. I had rhinoplasty before. The doctor used my rib cartilage to build the bridge and ear cartilage to cover the tip. But he didn't do a good... READ MORE

Can I have a higher bridge and pointed tip? What can be done to my natural aesthetic of my nose? (Photo)

I am of Filipino descent. I notice fellow of my filipino/Asian members have the same concern. Thank you in advance for your time ! READ MORE

Can my nose be fixed with Asian rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I want it to be narrow and small with a pointy tip. It makes my face look bad as my nose is so flat and has a lot of problems such as as large spaces... READ MORE

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