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Options For Making my Wide Asian Nose Smaller? (photo)

My nostril flares so im considering alarplasty, as well as alar base reduction, so that it would not be as big when i smile wide, but still retain its... READ MORE

"Diced Cartilage" Wrapped in Fascia or Implantech Implant for an Asian Bridge?

I narrowed down my choices down to the the diced cartilage wrapped in fascia or a medium implantech implant for my bridge and need a little work on my... READ MORE

Asian Nose-should I Go for the Non Surgical/surgical?

I have this typical asian nose, the wide and flat nose. i'm thinking about rhinoplasty for few months. i actually prefer the non surgical... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce the Thickness of the Alar Itself?

Like most Asian women that seek rhinoplasty, I have very thick alar. I heard that there is no technology that can reduce the thickness of the alar.... READ MORE

Reducing Thickness of Flesh/skin Around Nostrils

I am Asian with a rather fleshy nose with a bulbous tip. My rhinoplasty has improved my tip definition. However, i notice my alars(which are also very... READ MORE

Thick, Tight Skin with Short Columella-Is L-shaped Implant the Only Choice for my Nose?

I am an Asian male. My doctor said that besides the thickness, my skin is also very tight. Therefore, he discouraged using septal cartilage for the... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Technique for Flat Nose ?

Is it possible, in Asian rhinoplasty, to have the nostrils taken in if the root of the nose is flat or underdeveloped? READ MORE

How Do I Choose the Right Nose for Me?

I hate my nose and I have been struggling. dont know how to.go about picking the right nose that complements my face and if I do my nose will I need... READ MORE

2 Months Post Rhinoplasty: Nose Feels Numb and I Have Headaches

Aim Asian . 2 months ago I had my rhinoplasty surgery done to higher the bridge of my nose. Now my nose feel a little bit numb and I have headaches... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Space Between Eyes to Be Shaved Down And Have Nose Fixed To Look More Asian? I'm Half. (photo)

Hi I'm mixed asian but I don't look like it. But I really want my Caucasian nose to look asian.I hate it! I edited it one time and saw what it... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - Synthetic or Natural Cartilage?

Is using natural cartilage from the septum or synthetic material better for an Asian Rhinoplasty to correct a low bridge? READ MORE

What Material Works Best for Asians to Build Tall Nose?

I am an asian female with flat nose. I am just wondering if using rib cartilage could help me build a tall nose? (Have had two nose jobs already; u... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Sleep on Side After Asian Rhinoplasty?

What position is recommended during recovery from Asian rhinoplasty and for how many days? Is the position important to keep the swelling to a... READ MORE

Raising Both the Nasal Bone and Septal Profiles with Implants, Candidate for Rhino? (photo)

I am ethnic Chinese and want to raise my entire dorsal profile, including that of the nasal bone( with a nasal bone implant). The conventional dorsal... READ MORE

What Kind Of Operation Should Be Done To Reduce The Size Of My Asian Nose?

I have this ugly asian nose, with big nasal tip and nostrils. i want to reduce the size of my nose. what kind of operation should be done to reduce... READ MORE

How Does Cartilage Get Adjusted During an Asian Rhinoplasty?

How do western style noses differ for Asian patients? Are there limitations to what can be realistically be done? READ MORE

I have an Asian bulbous nose. Which procedures would be best for rising the bridge and giving the tip more definition? (Photo)

I have an asian bulbous nose that I would like slim down with rhinoplasty. I would also like the bridge raised and the tip defined. Any... READ MORE

What Could Be Done to my Nose if I Ended Up Wanting to Get Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have never really liked my nose i have always thought it was too wide. I just wanted an opinion on what are some of the things that could be done to... READ MORE

What kind of ethnic rhinoplasty can be done to narrow and improve the shape of my nose?

I have a wide shaped Asian nose that has quite a bulbous tip. I was thinking that my nose would require open rhinoplasty that focuses raising or... READ MORE

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