Nostrils + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Nostrils Don't Seem to Move After Alar Reduction

"Frozen" nose possible? Nostrils dont really 'spread' after i had the alar reduced? I just got my cast off yesterday and I... READ MORE

Is Alar Rim Graft Suitable for Asian Male?

I just went for an appt with my doc with issues regarding my upturned nose. My concern is the flaring nostrils. I just wan it to be less visible. My... READ MORE

I Had Surgery 2 Yrs Ago.I Have Had Narrowing Wide Nose & Nostrils .

I have had surgery 2 yrs ago.I have had Narrowing Wide Nose & Nostrils (Alar Base Reduction). i think i am having breathing problem doctor... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Technique for Flat Nose ?

Is it possible, in Asian rhinoplasty, to have the nostrils taken in if the root of the nose is flat or underdeveloped? READ MORE

Surgery To Fix Over-Exposed Nostrils and Short Nose. Have I Messed Up The Results?

I am four days out of surgery to lengthen my short Asian nose, correct over-exposed nostril holes, and sharpen the tip. my surgeon used ear+septal... READ MORE

Am I A Good Candidate For Asian Rhinoplasy/ Bulbous Nose? (photo)

Ive always hated my nostrils,when i laugh it streches sidewards rather than caucasian when the laugh it streches upwards,the middle of my nose makes... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty for asymmetrical nose with flat nostrils, round nose tip? (Photo)

I want to have a straight outline going down my nose. I feel that my nose has an uneven appearance, and is wide. I also like the tip to be a bit... READ MORE

How to change my flat bulbous nose to a smaller feminine nose? (Procedures and type of implants) (photos)

I researched a lot on real self but want to get opinion on my pictures from other doctors. I do want it to look natural. The bridge needs alot of work... READ MORE

Upturned nose Asian Rhinoplasty. Do I need revision? (photos)

It's one month since I got open rhinoplasty in Jakarta, but I am living in Europe. My surgeon put i shaped implant with ear cartilage for the tip. He... READ MORE

Looking for a ENT Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the Midwest? (photo)

Hi, I've wanted to get asian rhinoplasty where I would like to narrow my nostrils (my nose spreads out when I smile), a dorsal augmentation (I have... READ MORE

Korea Rhinoplasty. This morning, I cleaned my nostrils with a q-tip and these 2 plastic pieces fell out from my nose (Photo)

Its been 8months since i got my nose done in Korea, but this morning i cleaned my nostrils with a qtip and these 2plastic pieces fell out from my nose... READ MORE

What kind of rhinoplasty should I get for my nose? I would prefer no implants (Photo)

How can i make my nose more defined without looking like an unnatural asian nose job? I want something pitching in the top part of my... READ MORE

If my nose is lifted up - will the nostrils get smaller or it is separate procedures. My priority is fixing the nostrils. (photo

My nostrils are big and the annoying thing is they get bigger when I talk or laugh. If this is my biggest issue - can I fix it without putting a... READ MORE

I have an Asian nose. I got revision rib rhinoplasty and now I have a problem! Is my wish pic realistic? (Photo)

I got the 2nd nose surgery with rib rhinoplasty in Thailand for 20 months. I 've very thin nose skin. I dont like the shape of my nose& my big... READ MORE

I'm considering Asian rhinoplasty. Are my thoughts realistic? (Photo)

I would like to have a nose job as I feel like it is obscuring my features. Right now, I feel that my nose is perfect in width. I would like nose... READ MORE

Changing the nostril wall thickness. What do these nostril wall excisions in the diagram accomplish? (photo)

I'm an Asian female researching methods used to change the shape and size of nostrils. When looking up "nostril wall thinning" I came across these... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for Rhinoplasty? Would I look a lot better with it? (photos)

Okay, so Im planning to have rhinoplasty this upcoming summer. And what Im planning to do is make the tip of my nose less bulbous, my bridge a bit... READ MORE

What Asian rhinoplasty procedures can you do to achieve as close as possible to my desired nose?(photos)

I want: - Lower nostril rims slightly, less nostril show from front - Reduce alar base/sidewalls - Natural-looking Concerns: - I read that many alar... READ MORE

My nose is huge & the only way to make it look better is to cut partial cartilage into middle of my nose. Any suggestion?(photo)

I am an asian female student with huge nose. I think cut part of nostrils and cartilage and/or bones in my nose to make my nose thinner and smaller. I... READ MORE

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