Nose Tip + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Silicone Implant to Get Sharp Tip in Asian Rhinoplasty?

I was wondering if the only real method to achieve a super sharp tip in Asian noses is with the use of a big silicone implant since septal/ear... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for a Thick and Round Nose Tip? (photo)

I'm self-conscious about the thickness and roundness of my nose tip. Is it possible to change the tip and add a little more height to the bridge... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Refine Asian Nose Without Unnatural Results?

I am Asian with wide alar base, so when I laugh or smile my nose "spreads out." When I relax my facial muscles, my nose is much thinner, but... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Nose Tip Projected More, or Possibly my Bridge Enhanced?

I'm asian and my nose tip is kinda underprojected, i.e. more upturned. As a guy wouldn't it be more masculine if it were to be projected more... READ MORE

L-shaped Silicone in My Nose, But Want to Get Rid of the Hard Tip?

I am asian and I had L-shaped silicone in my nose now and I actually likes the shape of my nose now except for the hard tip that make people notice I... READ MORE

Suggestions for Bulbous, Upturned Asian Nose? (photo)

I am really keen for an rhinoplasty . I have a bulbous nose with thick skin and slightly upturned tip. However , I have consult with a few surgeon... READ MORE

Can Extended Columella Strut and Caudal Extension Grafts Be Used Simultaneously?

I've read descriptions/photos where one or the other is used, but not both simultaneously (maybe they did this for ease of explanation). I'm... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Replace a Silicone Implant if I Simply Want a Tiplasty & a Possible Osteotomy..?

I am an asian female and had primary rhinoplasty 2 yrs ago, in which my Dr. used a silicone implant to heighten my bridge and ear cartilage to improve... READ MORE

Taping the Nose After Asian Rhinoplasty - How to Do It?

I had a typical asian rhinoplasty.i had a very short nose and upturned snout like nose with upturned tip. its been about 4 weeks since ive had my... READ MORE

Recommendations for wide and big Asian nose? (Photo)

Hello, I'm an asian male with thick skin I don't want a drastic change to my nose, I just want my nose to be less wide and smaller, and fit... READ MORE

How long does an Asian rhinoplasty last that requires autologous cartilage graft?

Hi Doctors I am thinking about getting a higher nose bridge and improved nose tip. From my research I prefer getting an autologous cartilage graft... READ MORE

What Material is Used in Asian Rhinoplasty Nasal Tip Surgery?

How is a more prominent nasal tip constructed on a flat nose? What is the implant is made of? Can it be made from the tissue of the patient? READ MORE

Kenalog injections to refine nose tip in thick skinned patient? (rhinoplasty 3 years ago)

I went to a diff plastic surgeon looking to refine my nose tip. He said most of the cartilage from my tip was taken out already, it is mostly thick... READ MORE

My nose is swollen so much 3.5 months after rhinoplasty. Will a steroid injection help with the swelling? (Photo)

I had primary rhinoplasty 3.5 months back and the 2/3 bottom of my nose looks so bulbous in front. I 'm Asian with thick skin. I had my nostrils... READ MORE

5 months after Asian Rhinoplasty w/ rib graft, unhappy because long nasal tip. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had Asian rhinoplasty to raise bridge using rib graft. I'm really unhappy w my nose. I feel I look like gonzo. I hate the way my nasal tip seems so... READ MORE

Would an Asian Person Need Augmentation of the Nose to Avoid Deficient Tip Support?

If augmentation is necessary, is this done to help the rhinoplasty procedure blend harmoniously with the rest of the face? READ MORE

Repeat Asian Rhinoplasty For More Prominent Tip?

I've had 2 rhinoplasty in the past, but still not completely satisfied with the tip of my nose. The surgeon have used my ear's cartilage, but I am... READ MORE

Should I Get a Nose Job (Tip Correction) of Some Sort? (photo)

My nose sometimes looks weird to me, mainly the tip looks a bit too long and angled kind of oddly from profile view. But I have also been told by many... READ MORE

Korea rhinoplasty! Will the tip drop down and grow longer? (Photo)

Its been almost 2 weeks since they took off my nose splint ( 3 weeks since the day i got a surgery). the tip of my nose is kinnda round, big,short,and... READ MORE

L-Shaped implant causing too much pressure on nose tip. Should I wait or try to do revision ASAP?

Almost 5 months ago I had Asian rhinoplasty done with L silicon implant and ear cartilage at the tip. There has been lots of pressure at the tip ever... READ MORE

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