Male + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Silicone Implant to Get Sharp Tip in Asian Rhinoplasty?

I was wondering if the only real method to achieve a super sharp tip in Asian noses is with the use of a big silicone implant since septal/ear... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Refine Asian Nose Without Unnatural Results?

I am Asian with wide alar base, so when I laugh or smile my nose "spreads out." When I relax my facial muscles, my nose is much thinner, but... READ MORE

Can Dermal Fillers Be Used on an Upturned Asian Nose?

I have an upturned nose which my nostrils are very visible. This has depressed me a long time. I would like to ask if: 1) Dermal fillers or any... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty for Slightly Flat Nose

I’ve been researching about the pros and cons of ear cartilage, rib, silicone, and goretex. My goal is to figure out what is best for my... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Nose Tip Projected More, or Possibly my Bridge Enhanced?

I'm asian and my nose tip is kinda underprojected, i.e. more upturned. As a guy wouldn't it be more masculine if it were to be projected more... READ MORE

How Does Cartilage Recover from Rhinoplasty, Especially for Nose Graft? Do They Stay Permanent?

I am a 23year old male, thinking about fixing the side of my nose, which exhibits open-roof condition. Because I understand that it is impossible to... READ MORE

Is Alar Rim Graft Suitable for Asian Male?

I just went for an appt with my doc with issues regarding my upturned nose. My concern is the flaring nostrils. I just wan it to be less visible. My... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty for Male

I am an asian male and need to augment my bridge so that it will project well with the tip. I like to know if this procedure will be done without it... READ MORE

Natural Looking Rhinoplasty for the Ethnic Nose?

I am concerned about the appearance of my nose when viewed from the front. I want a more refined nose looking to refine the tip and make the bridge in... READ MORE

I Just Had Rhinoplasty 12 Days Ago and my Bridge Looks Very Unnatural

I am a 23 year old Asian male. I had a silicone implant inserted through closed rhinoplasty to increase the height of my bridge. The result was that... READ MORE

Huge and ODD Looking Asian Nose Plus Ugly Scars

HI. i am asian. i have a bad problem with my nose. its huge and so prominent. Ive gone thru several surgeries and its still huge and now i have scars.... READ MORE

Would Alarplasty be adequate to reduce wide bulbous Chinese nose and chronic history of acne/seborrheic skin? (Photo)

I am 34 years old Chinese male. A doc recommended I have alarplasty and rhinoplasty, however I do not feel I really need increased projection. I am... READ MORE

Recommendations for wide and big Asian nose? (Photo)

Hello, I'm an asian male with thick skin I don't want a drastic change to my nose, I just want my nose to be less wide and smaller, and fit... READ MORE

Second Opinion Needed: Can much be done to refine a bulbous, thick-skinned nose? (photo)

In an *ideal* world, I would like to have the nasal base width in line with the intercanthal distance. I would also like to have the tip refined with... READ MORE

Best Rhinoplasty Implant for Me? (photo)

I'm a 17 year old guy and I hate my nose. It lacks definition and length. And it gets even wider when I smile. what do you think would be the best... READ MORE

My nose is too big for my face? (photos)

I'm 19, Asian. My big flat nose is too big for my face. I want make it smaller and a bit pointy that suits my face. Does this mean my nose need... READ MORE

What Could Be Done to my Nose if I Ended Up Wanting to Get Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have never really liked my nose i have always thought it was too wide. I just wanted an opinion on what are some of the things that could be done to... READ MORE

I Am an Asian Guy and Planning to Have my Rhinoplasty Next Month, Can Someone Explain Procedure?

I just want to know how the doctor will augment the flat nose of an asian guy. will he/she be using cartilage for the bridge and tip or mixed of... READ MORE

How to make nose bridge wider and nose look fuller? (Photo)

Im an asian male and I kind of already know how to make my nose bridge wider based on my research which is the spreader graft. If you take a look at... READ MORE

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