Infection + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Asian Rhinoplasty on Bridge and Tip

I am an Asian and just had a rhinoplasty three weeks ago in Asia. My surgeon put two big pieces of Gortex (PTFE) to raise my nose bridge height and... READ MORE

Nose Implant Extrusion Infection?

Hello. I underwent Asian rhinoplasty about 8 years where I had a silicone implant inserted from my left nostril. A few months ago, I banged the tip of... READ MORE

What Are the Signs of Goretex Infection?

Are there any tell-tale signs of goretex implant infection used to build up bridge of nose? Runny nose? Redness of skin? READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Lessen the Risk of an Infection in my Gore-tex Implant?

I recently had Asian rhino where a thin gore-tex implant was used to elevate my bridge. Although this is a highly popular practice in Asia, it appears... READ MORE

Will Having a Thin Gore-tex Implant As Opposed to a Thick One in the Nose Lessen the Chances of Extrusion/infection?

A month ago, I had rhinoplasty where the PS used a thin piece of gore-tex to on my nose bridge. I used a thinner implant because I was satisfied with... READ MORE

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Repair from an Infected Rhinoplasty?

I had Asian rhinoplasty w/goretex & ear cartilage tip June 2011.I hav infxn 1 month now. It started as pimple on right part of nose & has been... READ MORE

1 year post op Rhinoplasty, is this a Zit or Silicone implant infection? (photos)

I had a nose job using a I-shaped silicone implant a year ago. Keep in mind, I am very acne-prone and have similar bumps all over the rest of my face.... READ MORE

Fluid from Rhinoplasty Infection is Not Draining. Where Will It Come out From?

I had a closed Asian rhinoplasty with silicone implant + tiplasty + alar reduction 20 days ago. Developed an infection at the incision site that... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty + Breast Augmentation - risks.

Dear Doctors, I have a Asian Rhinoplasty in march and a Breast Augmentation in may, performed by different Doctors. Would there be any risk involved,... READ MORE

Does patient have any recourse on a botched Rhinoplasty?

I am southeast asian and had silastic implants put it. Results were good until nine month after rhinoplasty the tip of my nose started to feel like... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty infection, removal, revision.

I am an Asian and had my 3rd Rhinoplasty done over the span of 25yrs.My recent one was 6 months ago started getting infected.I had a... READ MORE

Nasal septal perforation - what material for my bridge?

25 y/o asian, did ear septal cartilage on bridge 2013 and too high L implant 2014(shifted and made my nose skin thin). a dr just told me that ive a... READ MORE

Is my rhino nose infected? It turns reddish and swollen and the incision developed a bump. (photos)

I had my silicone rhinoplasty almost 3 yrs ago and Dec last year when my nose got really swollen and the cut where the incision took place developed a... READ MORE

Goretex and Dental Infection: Is it possible for that Dental Infection to infect your Gore-Tex Implant?

I am not sure if this question make sense but i will ask anyway. say you didn't know you have dental infection probably from previous root canal or... READ MORE

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