Healing + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Recovery from Asian Rhinoplasty with Cartilage Graft

How long is the recovery from Asian rhinoplasty when cartilage is used vs. synthetic options? READ MORE

What Are Common Medications One Should Avoid After a Rhinoplasty?

Can the recovery time be extended if certain medications are not taken after rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Does Gortex Show Immediate Healing Faster Than Rib Cartilage for Bridge Implants?

I'm 8 days post-op with using ib cartilage implants in my bridge and tip with a Asian rhinoplasty. Another Asian girl at the same healing day as me... READ MORE

Have I Pulled Cartilage/ligament in Nose or Caused a Nasal Structure Collapse?

Lady was squeezing my blackheads and tugging and pulling my nose, i had to go doctors was given antibiotics (nose infection) but still looked the... READ MORE

Doctor for nasal polyps removal and rhinoplasty, specialty in Asian nose preferably in Toronto area. (Photo)

My nose profile has always been my complex, additionally i have grown nasal polyps on both nostrils which made me hate my nose even more and pursue... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty using rib cartilage. How long would it take to heal?

I'm filipina with a flat bulbous nose. I was wondering if harvesting rib cartilage, how long will it fully heal? My PS says he needs to use rib... READ MORE

Is This a Permanent Alteration to my Nose?

Hey there !Ok basically a lady was giving me a 'facial' and she squeezed blackheads from my nose she sqeezed really hard ,tugging pulling my tip and... READ MORE

How common is internal scar tissue formation after Asian rhinoplasty? Or any primary rhinoplasty procedure for that matter?

I am Asian with thicker, oily skin. I do not consider myself the greatest healer. My body tends to overproduce scar tissue. I am concerned that my... READ MORE

Extremely red tip after asian rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting - normal part of the healing process? (photos)

I had asian septo-rhinoplasty 3 days ago, with ear cartilage grafts to the tip. This is my first rhinoplasty. Today, I noticed my tip has gotten very... READ MORE

Why some doctors don't recommend Irradiated Rib Cartilage in Rhinoplasty and Asian Rhinoplasty?

There are many pros with irradiated rib cartilage such as: no donor site morbidity, ease of use, shorter operation time & healing time. Why most of... READ MORE

I'm seeking Asian Rhinoplasty. Is it normal that you get bulbous tip from scar tissue? (photo)

I am seeking Asian rhinoplasty and found this diagram on someone's website. Is this a general concern when performing Asian rhinoplasty? I do not... READ MORE

Is revision Asian rhinoplasty safe, and how long will the swelling last?

Hi, I had my first rhinoplasty 5 years ago, but the silicon moves and it's crooked. Also the cartilage they took from my ear and put on the tip of my... READ MORE

Cut part of cartilage in the nose (at the middle of nose) but not putting anything in, can my nose hold its new shape?

I am an asian female college student, and my nose is huge. I do not want my nose to be super beautiful but I want to narrow it down. After examine my... READ MORE

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