Gore-Tex + Asian Rhinoplasty

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What is the Safest Material for Asian Nose Bridge Augmentation? (Rhinoplasty)

I've heard of Goretex, Silicone, and cartilidge for augmentation of an asian nose bridge. What are the respective costs of each material and in... READ MORE

Silicon or Gore-tex for flight-attendant asian rhinoplasty?

Hi,Im an Asian and might have rhinoplasty done in coming months... I am considering silicon or otherwise goretex.. However,.there is a serious issue I... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty? Duration of Silicone or Gortex as Opposed to Cartilage? (photo)

I'm a 45 year old Asian female with a typical flat nose. I've noticed in recent years that the tip of my nose has gotten rounder and my nostrils has... READ MORE

Medpor, Gore-tex and Banked Carlilage for Building the Bridge w/ an Asian Revision, Which is the Best? (photo(

I need a revision asap. Year 1996 had a L-shape silicone implant, It was straight and fine. Year 2006, in order to avoid extrusion (never happened by... READ MORE

What Are the Signs of Goretex Infection?

Are there any tell-tale signs of goretex implant infection used to build up bridge of nose? Runny nose? Redness of skin? READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty on Bridge and Tip

I am an Asian and just had a rhinoplasty three weeks ago in Asia. My surgeon put two big pieces of Gortex (PTFE) to raise my nose bridge height and... READ MORE

When Can We Touch or Squeeze a Nose Which Undergone Open Rhinoplasty (Goretex)? (photo)

I'm quite concerned as to when can I touch or squeeze my nose after the surgery. The surgery was on December 21, 2012. My doctor used goretex for the... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Lessen the Risk of an Infection in my Gore-tex Implant?

I recently had Asian rhino where a thin gore-tex implant was used to elevate my bridge. Although this is a highly popular practice in Asia, it appears... READ MORE

Will Having a Thin Gore-tex Implant As Opposed to a Thick One in the Nose Lessen the Chances of Extrusion/infection?

A month ago, I had rhinoplasty where the PS used a thin piece of gore-tex to on my nose bridge. I used a thinner implant because I was satisfied with... READ MORE

Does Gortex Show Immediate Healing Faster Than Rib Cartilage for Bridge Implants?

I'm 8 days post-op with using ib cartilage implants in my bridge and tip with a Asian rhinoplasty. Another Asian girl at the same healing day as me... READ MORE

Doctor for nasal polyps removal and rhinoplasty, specialty in Asian nose preferably in Toronto area. (Photo)

My nose profile has always been my complex, additionally i have grown nasal polyps on both nostrils which made me hate my nose even more and pursue... READ MORE

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Repair from an Infected Rhinoplasty?

I had Asian rhinoplasty w/goretex & ear cartilage tip June 2011.I hav infxn 1 month now. It started as pimple on right part of nose & has been... READ MORE

I Am an Asian Guy and Planning to Have my Rhinoplasty Next Month, Can Someone Explain Procedure?

I just want to know how the doctor will augment the flat nose of an asian guy. will he/she be using cartilage for the bridge and tip or mixed of... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty. My profile is too long and when I smile I look like a bird. Is this my final result? (Photo)

I get that it takes a year to see final results but aren't most of the result seen after at least a month? I wanted a less bulbous, less wide nose.... READ MORE

How do Gore-Tex, Medpor and Silastic compare when properly used in Indian/Asian short nosed patients?

It's my understanding that placement of the implant in natural cartilage is the real onus of any implant to help a patient augment a low... READ MORE

How safe is rhinoplasty with implants?

22 y.o. asian planning to get rhinoplasty for a taller nose and bridge. However, I am still not convinced about the safety of implant whether it be... READ MORE

Is it a safe method to use goretex placed in to the bridge of your nose, and ear cartilage on the tip?

Hi i had my rhinoplasty done for 15days my surgeon use goretex at my bridge ear cartilage with my tip.i am not aware that the first option and much... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty; What are the risks of using your own diced rib cartilage wrapped around your own fascia?

1. What are the risks of using your own diced rib cartilage wrapped around your own fascia? 2. How do you make decisions to use either diced or whole... READ MORE

Few weeks post-op of Asian Rhinoplasty, will my original nose return upon removal of Goretex implant?

I recently got an "asian" rhinoplasty in which an I-shape Goretex piece was inserted into my nose bridge with ear cartilage to support the tip, but... READ MORE

One doctor wants to use Gore Tex for my nose, but I need a second opinion about it. How risky is it to use Gore Tex?

He wants to use my own cartilage (taken from my ear) to refine the tip of the nose, but to enhance and augment my bridge, he wants to use Gore Tex.... READ MORE

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