Flared Nostrils + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Options For Making my Wide Asian Nose Smaller? (photo)

My nostril flares so im considering alarplasty, as well as alar base reduction, so that it would not be as big when i smile wide, but still retain its... READ MORE

Limitations of Augmentation Rhinoplasty on Far East Asians?

In this case I have a stubby nose with excessive nasal flaring, THICK skin and a bulbous tip - mostly seen in many southern- far east asian countries... READ MORE

Advice on Rhinoplasty and Nasal Tip Surgery? (photo)

I am Asian and I had a revision rhinoplasty done last year. My natural nose is flat (no visible nose bridge), thus I had already understood the... READ MORE

Can injectable rhinoplasty be used for narrowing nostrils? (photo)

My Asian nostrils "flare" every time I smile or laugh. If I don't move my face, I like my nose the way it is. The surgeon I have consulted advised... READ MORE

Can I change my nose this much? Would it be a hard to do nose job or not? (Photos)

Is my nose suitable for this kind of nose job? Would it be hard to change my nose into my desired one? To me my nose just seems more flared than those... READ MORE

What's the best Asian rhinoplasty approach to my bulbous nose? (Photos)

My nose is extremely wide and it flares out even more when I smile. I'm really curious to know possible procedures would help me yield the best effect... READ MORE

Can my nose be fixed with Asian rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I want it to be narrow and small with a pointy tip. It makes my face look bad as my nose is so flat and has a lot of problems such as as large spaces... READ MORE

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