Drooping Tip + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Can I Elevate my Tip to Disguise my Hump Without Dorsal Rasping?

I am ok with my small hump, width of nose bridge from frontal view, nostirls & alar base.I want to change my droopy tip. It points downwards,... READ MORE

How To Best Address Droopy Nose Tip? I Already Have Juvederm, Should I Be Removed First? (photo)

Hi, I've consulted a few korean docs and they said I have a slight droopy nose tip and they suggested I shld do rhinoplasty.I have Juverderm on my... READ MORE

What Are my Options For My Downturned Nose and Drooping Tip? (photo)

I am from UK and the shape of my nose extremely puts me down. It curved down extremely. I have been to 2 surgeons and they said the same 1. the nose... READ MORE

What should I do if no doctors want to perform my Asian Rhinoplasty Revision?

I'm Asian. I had rhinoplasty before. The doctor used my rib cartilage to build the bridge and ear cartilage to cover the tip. But he didn't do a good... READ MORE

How many cm's can I get with the nasal spine implant? Asian nose.

Is it possible to get 1.5 cm-2 cm of nose base projection? I have an acute nose angle and my tip drops down. Could a nose base implant in conjunction... READ MORE

What is the best way to craft a soft, natural columella while supporting a droopy tip?

I'm Asian and have short nasal bones. I have a septal cartilage strut in a shield graft and feels it looks and feels very unnatural. I'm also a... READ MORE

What are the best methods to stabilize a shield graft in an Asian patient?

I had a rhinoplasty with a septal shield graft and notice the tip is dropping. I need a revision for additional scar tissue removal, but I was... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - please clearly list what you would do to achieve my goals and why. (Photo)

About me: - Asian female - Deviated septum & swollen turbinates (allergies) - I tend to overproduce scar tissue & scars take a while to fade - I want... READ MORE

Removing ear cartilage and implant from Asian rhinoplasty

I want to ask what is the average price of removal of silicone implant and ear cartilage . From what he lowest price to the highest price? Also what... READ MORE

(Rhinoplasty with ear and septal cartilage and a silicon.) Would my nose droop when I run or as time passes?

Hi I'm an asian and I got the rhinoplasty two years ago using ear and septal cartilage and a silicon. I removed the silicon about a week ago just to... READ MORE

Would asian rhinoplasty be the best way to go? Is alar base reduction recommended? Can my jawline be refined? (photos)

The biggest concern I have is the width of my nose when I smile and the bulbous/droopy tip. Although I am Latina, it seems that the style of asian... READ MORE

How can a surgeon narrow a wide droopy nasal tip without adding projecting that becomes bulky?

I am an Asian patient that previously had a medpor graft removed because it was infected, but it was holding a very wide droopy tip closed while... READ MORE

Is septal cartilage or costal cartilage better for tiplasty in southeast asian male with thick oily skin?

I have a very thick skin and a droopy bulbous tip. It seems like most surgeons on here prefer septum. But will it be strong enough to support my tip... READ MORE

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