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Best Doctors for Asian Rhinoplasty with Rib Grafts for Tip?

Firstly, thanks to the doctors who took the time to respond to my other thread. From those responses, looks like the only methods to produce... READ MORE

21 years old traveling from Hong Kong to Thailand for Nose Job: Will I Look Natural? (Photo)

I heard about Thai doctors tend to go for too high nose, making Asian face not natural, is that true ? The situation that I have is I still like to... READ MORE

Doctor for nasal polyps removal and rhinoplasty, specialty in Asian nose preferably in Toronto area. (Photo)

My nose profile has always been my complex, additionally i have grown nasal polyps on both nostrils which made me hate my nose even more and pursue... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Asian Rhinoplasty in New York or California

I'm Asian (from the Philippines). I'd like to improve my nose but wouldn't want any foreign objects to be inserted/implanted in my nose.... READ MORE

Repeat Asian Rhinoplasty For More Prominent Tip?

I've had 2 rhinoplasty in the past, but still not completely satisfied with the tip of my nose. The surgeon have used my ear's cartilage, but I am... READ MORE

Looking for a ENT Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the Midwest? (photo)

Hi, I've wanted to get asian rhinoplasty where I would like to narrow my nostrils (my nose spreads out when I smile), a dorsal augmentation (I have... READ MORE

How can I find an ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon in New England area? (Photo)

Plan on getting a RhinoPlasty in the next two years!, but I would like to educate myself on the process, types and cost associated with the surgery.... READ MORE

Who are the top surgeons who specifically specialize in Asian primary/revision rhinoplasty in LA?

Who are the top surgeons who specifically specialize in Asian primary/revision rhinoplasty in LA? READ MORE

Cosmetic surgeons around Miami or Broward County that specialize in Asian Rhinoplasty or problems similar to mine? (Photo)

Hi, Im an Asian female and 18years old, for a long time now I've been very self conscious about my nose. My nose is very unflattering to my face, it... READ MORE

Is it possible to cut some skin on my big nose tip? I’m an Asian girl who did Rhinoplasty for twice. I have oily and thick skin.

At first I had my nasal tip refined and alar reduction. But the nasal tip was still bulbous. My second surgeon cut some tissue and used my ear... READ MORE

I need Asian rhinoplasty revision. I can't find a plastic surgeon who is experienced in Asian faces near me (KCMO). (Photo)

Orig surgery was 3 years ago in CA, a lot of experienced surgeons specific to Asians. Two weeks after surgery, stitch came out of R nostril, that side... READ MORE

Recommendations for experienced ethnic/Asian rhinoplasty specialists in Texas (photos)

I've been saving up for my Rhinoplasty and can not afford a revision . This means a lot to me and I couldn't stand to have my nose worsened. I'm... READ MORE

Searching for best surgeon to perform Asian rhinoplasty in Washington/Oregon area? (Photo)

Looking for a plastic surgeon to perform an ethnic rhinoplasty is harder than I thought. I have seen many bad reviews on local doctors in Seattle area... READ MORE

Any recommendation on Asian Rhinoplasty in Sydney?

So I have been trying to find a certified surgeon to do my typical asian nose in Sydney. Bridge, nasal reduction, and moving the tip down. If they... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty: Is it possible to have a non surgical before actual rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hello I have an average asian nose: flat, no bridge, flared nostril, wide and bulbous. The only doctors I've found with experience doing asian... READ MORE

I'm trying to find a PS in Ontario that knows how to do the Barbie nose job (popular in Korea and Thailand). Suggestion? (photo)

It obviously can be done so please don't tell me it depends..blah blah. I'm asian and all those girls that go get that done are asian so I'm just... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - If you were to perform a rhinoplasty on my nose, what would you do and how much would you charge me? (photo)

If you were to perform a rhinoplasty on my nose, what would you do and how much would you charge me? Alarplasty is a must as well as more definition... READ MORE

Best Asian rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney?

I'm looking for an asian rhinoplasty surgeon practising in sydney that charges a reasonable price for their skill. Anyone know of any good surgeons in... READ MORE

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