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Should I Go for L Shape Silicone Rhinoplasty?

Im Asian and my doc advised me to use L shape siliconefor my rhinoplasty,should I go for it?or is it outdated to use L shape silicone for rhinoplasty... READ MORE

My Nose Tip is Undefined and the Nostrils Are Very Wide. Can Alarplasty Will Able to Fix It? (photo)

I want to fix my nose tip only as I don't wish to have any type of implant inside my nose. Please help! Thank you. READ MORE

Would an alarplasty or tip plasty be enough to make my Asian nose slimmer and more defined? (Photo)

I'm not so concerned about a high nose bridge. It's just that the tip of my nose is so large, it swallows up my face, especially when I smile. It's... READ MORE

My nose is swollen so much 3.5 months after rhinoplasty. Will a steroid injection help with the swelling? (Photo)

I had primary rhinoplasty 3.5 months back and the 2/3 bottom of my nose looks so bulbous in front. I 'm Asian with thick skin. I had my nostrils... READ MORE

What modifications do you suggest for my nose to achieve a more "western" look? (photo)

I am currently looking for a doctor in the US that specializes in asian rhinoplasty. I have the traditional broad and flat vietnamese nose. the tip... READ MORE

Asian/ethnic rhinoplasty: cost and methods? (Photo)

I have always been self conscience about my nose i want come ic rhinplasty to make my nose more defined specifically my tip, bridge and septum, the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Korean jawline surgery and rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I feel that my nose is too bulbous, large at the sides, not well defined. It makes me look masculine. I also want facial contouring for a more... READ MORE

I would like an ethnic rhinoplasty for a more defined nose. What would you recommend? (photos)

Hello, my name is Don, I am 23 years old and I live in Holland. For my nose I'd really like to have a more narrow and defined nose. One doctor in... READ MORE

Questions regarding Asian Rhinoplasty, defined tip, narrow bridge, photos included. Please give thoughts and answers. (photo)

Is there's a way to thin out thick nostrils and shave the sides of of the bridge so that it becomes more narrow but instead of the straight unnatural... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Recommendation? (Photo)

I don't like the shape of my nose. I think my nose is too wide. When I take photos, it seems like my nose has no definition due to it looking like... READ MORE

How often can the ear be used for cartilage? Asian patient, no septal cartilage to use

I've already had the back of my ear used for one failed rhinoplasty. I need to get it right this time. I need dorsal augmentation, tip support,... READ MORE

What's the best cartilage source to define & rotate a nose?

I need dorsal augmentation but still want a softly rounded, feminine tip. I don't feel septal cartilage looks natural. Why might or might not ear... READ MORE

Would medial crura be an ideal implant/strut for projection and definition for the asian nose?

Would this be an ideal implant/strut for projection and definition for the asian nose? there isnt much literature on it. also, could it be combined... READ MORE

Procedures to define nose shape and improve breathing? (Photo)

I don't like how flat my nose looks. Under harsh lighting, I get very unflattering shadows across my eyes because I don't have a high nose bridge.... READ MORE

Second opinion about ethnic/Asian rhinoplasty. What should be done to make my nose narrower and more defined? (Photo)

Hello, my name is Don, I am 23 years old. For my nose I'd like to have it more narrow and defined. What do you think should be done? One doctor in... READ MORE

I am mixed race but mainly Asian ancestry. Maintaining proportion to the rest of my face matters greatly as well. How? (Photo)

Photo #: 1 - Here is an upward angle of me as I'm smiling. Notice the asymmetrical quality of the nose (and nostrils), as well as its flat/wide... READ MORE

L shape implant for Asian Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hello, i am 18yo. My nose is short and has no bridge, doctor suggest me to go with L shape implant to get more defined on tip and higher bridge. It is... READ MORE

Would an Asian rhinoplasty be worth it for me? (Photos)

I like my nose but wish that it would have a narrower bridge, more definition in the tip, and maybe a more elevated bridge; my main concern is how... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for asian nose, what would help me achieve a higher bridge and defined tip? (photos)

Hi Dr, I hate my nose. I think its the sore thing that is sticking out and lowering my self-confidence. I hate it that there is no nose bridge, the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/fillers for a bulbous and unrefined tip? (photos)

I feel that my nose lacks definition and refinement both through the bridge and in the tip. I would like to thin out the bridge so it looks less... READ MORE

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