Crooked + Asian Rhinoplasty

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WIll Nose Become Crooked After Time Following Asian Nose Job Rhinoplasty with Your Own Rib?

I am an asian female, my nose is flat and small, I could like to have a Asian Rhinoplasty done with my rib and cartilage? However I heard that putting... READ MORE

1 year post op Asian revision rhinoplasty, I have an extrusion, crooked results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got my nose done a year ago using I-silicone&ear cartilage. Kindly need your advice on my questions below: 1. The nose is crooked. The nostril is... READ MORE

Crooked Nose After Asian Rhino and Septplasty?

Its been 20 days since my asian rhino/septo. I wanted my bridge slightly higher and my nasal tip to be even (one side was higher than the other) and... READ MORE

Nose is crooked 6months post revision rhinoplasty. How soon can I have a revision?

6 months is nearing the final outcome, i hated my nose everyday more and more ,bc is getting more crooked . Does anyone agreed with me my nose is... READ MORE

Im asian,had 4 rhinoplasty/revisions,nose is SO crooked/uneven nostrils! What needs to be done to fix/rebuild? Who is right doc?

First did alar reduction/implant bridge w/tip.I LOVED the look,but had redness in tip of nose.6 mnths later replaced it with smaller,flatter... READ MORE

Crooked Nose and Septum? (photo)

My nose as can be seen in the pictures is bent to the right....the bone as well as the septum is deviated.can this be corrected...??? is it because of... READ MORE

What should I do if no doctors want to perform my Asian Rhinoplasty Revision?

I'm Asian. I had rhinoplasty before. The doctor used my rib cartilage to build the bridge and ear cartilage to cover the tip. But he didn't do a good... READ MORE

Crooked bridge & bulbous tip post Asian Rhinoplasty. Swelling or poor surgery? (Photos)

Hi I'm two weeks post-op and I know that is still very early; however, I can't help but feel this new nose does not fit my face. I got L implant with... READ MORE

Crooked nose implant or just swelling? (Photos)

I had an Asian rhinoplasty using silicone implant and septal cartilage about 9 days ago and can't tell if the swelling is uneven or crooked implant. I... READ MORE

Korea nose job. Will both sides be even?

Its been 2weeks since i got a nose job done. i had a filler on one side of mynose(right)because the Dr said my nose was shift to the left side so i... READ MORE

Crooked Asian nose? (Photos)

Hello. I'm an Asian male, and I've been wanting rhinoplasty for a long time now. What can be done about my type of nose? It has a bump that sticks out... READ MORE

Crooked Asian nose, bulbous tip. Asian Rhinoplasty. What do I do? (Photos)

Deviated nose, bulbous tip. Would like to straighten the nose, reduce the tip and the nasal width, possibly elevate the bridge. Prefer a closed... READ MORE

Crooked nasal implant, 3 weeks following Asian rhinoplasty.

I underwent Asian rhinoplasty a few weeks ago, which involved tip sculpting and a custom-sculpted medpor implant (just for the bridge, not the tip).... READ MORE

Are these goals realistic? If not, what would you say is achievable? Asian Rhinoplasty (Photos)

Hello! I'm not sure about whether or not my nasal skin is thin or thick. That being said, I have very oily skin, though I can see redness and the... READ MORE

could chewing everything on my right side cause the tip of my nose to be crooked towards the right? Had Asian Rhino 6 weeks ago.

I had Asian rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago with cartilage extension in the tip as well. I tend to bite and chew everything on my right side because I have... READ MORE

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