Cartilage + Asian Rhinoplasty

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What is the Safest Material for Asian Nose Bridge Augmentation? (Rhinoplasty)

I've heard of Goretex, Silicone, and cartilidge for augmentation of an asian nose bridge. What are the respective costs of each material and in... READ MORE

I Can Feel Something in my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I got asian rhinoplasty done in China one year ago. i BELIEVE the doctor used silicone for the bridge and my nasal cartilage for the tip. When I touch... READ MORE

Advantages of Ear Cartilage for Asian Bridge Job?

What are the advantages of using ear cartilage to build a bridge during an Asian rhinoplasty procedure? READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty? Duration of Silicone or Gortex as Opposed to Cartilage? (photo)

I'm a 45 year old Asian female with a typical flat nose. I've noticed in recent years that the tip of my nose has gotten rounder and my nostrils has... READ MORE

How Does Cartilage Recover from Rhinoplasty, Especially for Nose Graft? Do They Stay Permanent?

I am a 23year old male, thinking about fixing the side of my nose, which exhibits open-roof condition. Because I understand that it is impossible to... READ MORE

Medpor, Gore-tex and Banked Carlilage for Building the Bridge w/ an Asian Revision, Which is the Best? (photo(

I need a revision asap. Year 1996 had a L-shape silicone implant, It was straight and fine. Year 2006, in order to avoid extrusion (never happened by... READ MORE

Which is Better - a 1mm Silicone Implant, or Using my Own Cartilage for my Nasal Dorsum?

I am of Asian background and planning on having my rhinoplasty. The surgeon recommended he uses a 1mm silicone implant for my nasal dorsum. He said... READ MORE

Thick, Tight Skin with Short Columella-Is L-shaped Implant the Only Choice for my Nose?

I am an Asian male. My doctor said that besides the thickness, my skin is also very tight. Therefore, he discouraged using septal cartilage for the... READ MORE

How much ear cartilage will absorb when used for Asian rhinoplasty?

This is my nose 2 weeks after Asian rhinoplasty. My bridge is still very straight btw the eyes. I'm hoping it will curve in more as time progresses... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - Synthetic or Natural Cartilage?

Is using natural cartilage from the septum or synthetic material better for an Asian Rhinoplasty to correct a low bridge? READ MORE

Diced Cartilage Graft with or without Fascia for Asian Rhinoplasty Bridge Augmentation?

I removed a silicone implant a few years ago and it left me with a very low bridge. I am looking to get an Asian Revision Rhinoplasty w/ a Diced... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty with Diced Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia?

How much does it usually cost (price estimation) for an asian rhinoplasty with diced cartilage and wrapped in fascia ? Will the result look really... READ MORE

I-shape versus L-shape silicone implants for Asian rhinoplasty- is it possible for cartilage to extrude?

Can I-shape silicone implants extrude? I am considering Asian rhinoplasty with I-shape implant + cartilage for tip. In fact, is it possible for... READ MORE

How long does an Asian rhinoplasty last that requires autologous cartilage graft?

Hi Doctors I am thinking about getting a higher nose bridge and improved nose tip. From my research I prefer getting an autologous cartilage graft... READ MORE

Self-cartilage augmentational Asian rhinoplasty costs $20,000?

I recently went to a Toronto PS who only specializes in rhinoplasty for a consult. I asked him to 1. Build up the bridge 2. Narrow the tips 3. Have a... READ MORE

Shiny Nose After Asian Rhinoplasty?

I'm a 20-year old East Asian female and have medium to thin skin. My surgeon put a cartilage graft on the bridge of my nose. He didn't dice the... READ MORE

What do you recommend for a typical wide, flat, Asian nose? (Photo)

I'm an Asian female and I hate my nose! I want a narrower, more prominent (but still natural looking) nose. P.S. If someone who has had a full... READ MORE

Any Problem to Remove Cartilage and Foreign Material?

I'm an asian. A few weeks ago, I had a Rhinoplasty but I would like to revise it.  Materials are: gortext-between eyebrows,ePTFE-coated... READ MORE

How Much Cartilage is Needed for a Taller Nose?

I am of asian and european descent, however I have a short asian nose. I don't want to use implants or my ribs, would my ear catilage be enough to... READ MORE

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