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Am I Good Candidate for Alar Base Reduction? (photo)

Hello Everyone, I'm having an alar base reduction operation this November. I have to admit I am quite nervous about the outcome. After initial... READ MORE

Is Alar Rim Graft Suitable for Asian Male?

I just went for an appt with my doc with issues regarding my upturned nose. My concern is the flaring nostrils. I just wan it to be less visible. My... READ MORE

How Would I Look with a Nose Job ?

How old do i have to be to get one? READ MORE

Will an Autologous Rib Cartilage Graft Help Achieve Desired Results? (photo)

I'm in the last few months of researching before I schedule a date for my rhinoplasty. I am most interested in the autologous rib cartilage graft... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty (Alar Base Reduction)? (photo)

Every once in a while, I would hate my nose. I would use those silly little nose-clips every night hoping that it would get sharper. The problem with... READ MORE

Am I Good Candidate for Alarplasty? (photo)

Cause i think the alar is too wide since im a transgender i want it smaller for me to look softer. Am i good candidate for alarplasty? Thank you READ MORE

Would Alarplasty be adequate to reduce wide bulbous Chinese nose and chronic history of acne/seborrheic skin? (Photo)

I am 34 years old Chinese male. A doc recommended I have alarplasty and rhinoplasty, however I do not feel I really need increased projection. I am... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty 8 Months After Restylane - Too Soon?

I had 1ml of restylane injected in my nasal bridge and I am planning to undergo rhinoplasty. If I schedule my surgery date around 8 or 9 months post... READ MORE

Should I Get a Nose Job (Tip Correction) of Some Sort? (photo)

My nose sometimes looks weird to me, mainly the tip looks a bit too long and angled kind of oddly from profile view. But I have also been told by many... READ MORE

Please Advice if I Need a Full Rhinoplasty or Can I Make Do with Tip Plasty & Alarplasty? (photo)

Hello! I am an Asian. I have a bulbous nose tip and thick alar wings. I would like my nose tip to be a bit smaller and sharper. I like my current nose... READ MORE

My nose is big and looks flat from the front. I want it thinner out. Is it possible to only use ear and nasal cartilage? (Photo)

My nose is big and looks flat especially from the front. I want to have it thinned out a bit and make it look more 'defined' and taller, a little... READ MORE

Should I get a rhinoplasty to fix the round tip of my nose? (Photo)

I think my nose is very round at the tip.Will rhinoplasty help me,or should I leave it the way it is. READ MORE

I've had frequent radiesse injections for about 4 years. Am I still a candidate for rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I am a 22 yr old Asian. With the typical flat nose bridge and wide alar base. Have been doing radiesse injections frequently for the last 4 years.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty procedures I need. I am an Asian male wanting to have a better looking nose. (Photo)

My alar from sideview is hanging, what procedure needed to fix that? Also in worm's eye view I am not sure if I need Alarplasty, hope not as I hate... READ MORE

Possible Nose Job for an Asian with a flat nose?

I have a flat nose and it's pretty hard for me to find glasses that fit my face and nose bridge. Not only that, but once allergy season comes around,... READ MORE

Does alarplasty make nasolabial folds deeper?

Hello, I'd like to know if alarplasty (asian nose) would deepen nasolabial folds, thank you. READ MORE

I need help, I have a low confidence due to my ugly nose. (Photo)

I plan to get a nose job in near future OR should I stay in this way ? in Asian, many people around me always stare at my nose and I cant deal with it... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for Rhinoplasty? Would I look a lot better with it? (photos)

Okay, so Im planning to have rhinoplasty this upcoming summer. And what Im planning to do is make the tip of my nose less bulbous, my bridge a bit... READ MORE

Can I choose the nose that I desire? (photo)

If that, please help me to answer these questions. I am a female but the nose that i desire is a male's nose , I really love the shape of his nose... READ MORE

Can I have a higher bridge and pointed tip? What can be done to my natural aesthetic of my nose? (Photo)

I am of Filipino descent. I notice fellow of my filipino/Asian members have the same concern. Thank you in advance for your time ! READ MORE

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