Bump + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Small Dorsal Hump Removal for Wide Asian Nose

I'm interested in removing my dorsal hump. I am Asian, so my nose is wider than the average Caucasian nose. I don't want any other parts of my... READ MORE

2 Years Post-Op I Have A Bump Of Scar Tissue On My Nose. Will A Steroid Injection Fix This?

It's been almost 2 years after my Rhinoplasty and there is a bump above my left nostril. My doctor said it's scar tissue and injected the... READ MORE

1 year post op Asian revision rhinoplasty, I have an extrusion, crooked results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got my nose done a year ago using I-silicone&ear cartilage. Kindly need your advice on my questions below: 1. The nose is crooked. The nostril is... READ MORE

Revision ASAP?

I just had rhinoplasty done (I'm Asian) , with cartilage harvested from the EAR. My nose was once straight, but immediately after, I notice an... READ MORE

Asian with Western Nose

I am an Asian female with a low radix, high dorsum with a bump, and somewhat droopy tip when I smile. I would like to get rid of the bump and improve... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Recommendation? (Photo)

I don't like the shape of my nose. I think my nose is too wide. When I take photos, it seems like my nose has no definition due to it looking like... READ MORE

Crooked bridge & bulbous tip post Asian Rhinoplasty. Swelling or poor surgery? (Photos)

Hi I'm two weeks post-op and I know that is still very early; however, I can't help but feel this new nose does not fit my face. I got L implant with... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for Asian rhinoplasty? If so, which procedures would you recommend? (photos)

I dislike the bump on the bridge of my nose and how flat/bulbous it looks when I smile. Which procedure(s) do you think would help achieve a... READ MORE

Red bump 7 months after steroid injection and Rhinoplasty a year ago. What could be causing the bump and will it go away?

I had a rhinoseptoplasty (alar rim grafts, spreader grafts) almost a year ago. I had steroid injections in the nose tip and left alar rim 7 months ago... READ MORE

Crooked Asian nose? (Photos)

Hello. I'm an Asian male, and I've been wanting rhinoplasty for a long time now. What can be done about my type of nose? It has a bump that sticks out... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for Rhinoplasty? Would I look a lot better with it? (photos)

Okay, so Im planning to have rhinoplasty this upcoming summer. And what Im planning to do is make the tip of my nose less bulbous, my bridge a bit... READ MORE

Can my South Asian nose surgically be made flatter? (Photos)

I have a South Asian nose with a bump and tall bridge. I'd like to have a flatter, and more East Asian-esque nose. Is this made possible with my nose?... READ MORE

Is my rhino nose infected? It turns reddish and swollen and the incision developed a bump. (photos)

I had my silicone rhinoplasty almost 3 yrs ago and Dec last year when my nose got really swollen and the cut where the incision took place developed a... READ MORE

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