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Nose implant alternatives in Asian Rhinoplasty?

I am considering an Asian Rhinoplasty. I like the size of my nose (but when I smile, it looks a little wide in pictures), but I want my nose bridge to... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty for Slightly Flat Nose

I’ve been researching about the pros and cons of ear cartilage, rib, silicone, and goretex. My goal is to figure out what is best for my... READ MORE

How Difficult Will It Be to "Fix" my Wide Asian Nose?

I have an Asian nose bridge that is too wide. Also, I wish to have my nose bridge curve more down and then out (my nose turns down slightly). Will it... READ MORE

Recovery from Asian Rhinoplasty with Cartilage Graft

How long is the recovery from Asian rhinoplasty when cartilage is used vs. synthetic options? READ MORE

What Are Common Medications One Should Avoid After a Rhinoplasty?

Can the recovery time be extended if certain medications are not taken after rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Natural Looking Rhinoplasty for the Ethnic Nose?

I am concerned about the appearance of my nose when viewed from the front. I want a more refined nose looking to refine the tip and make the bridge in... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty: How Will The Bridge of The Nose Change?

Does bridge work for Asian rhinoplasty take longer to recover than other work? If so, why? READ MORE

What Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures Gives the Illusion of a Longer Nose?

For a low or flat bridge, what rhinoplasty technique will give my Asian nose a more defined angle? READ MORE

How Do Asian Techniques Different from Other Nose-job Techniques?

What are the two main techniques that every Asian rhino specialist should be well skilled? READ MORE

Shiny Nose After Asian Rhinoplasty?

I'm a 20-year old East Asian female and have medium to thin skin. My surgeon put a cartilage graft on the bridge of my nose. He didn't dice the... READ MORE

How Often Are Asian Patients Unhappy with Rhinoplasty?

What is the common complaint or expectation that is not met for Asian rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Should Asian Nose-concerns (Ie:fractures, Broken Nose, Sinusitis) Be Approached & Diagnosed Like Other Ethnicities?

I am an Asian female, and I was recently headbutted directly onto the bridge of my nose. My nose physically feels different(indented?) and my... READ MORE

Huge Tip? Permanent or Swelling? (photo)

4 days post op and 3rd surgery on my Asian nose. I hated my crooked nose after the 2nd surgery and the wide "V" tip between my nostrils. Right now I... READ MORE

Can I have Asian Rhinoplasty using rib instead of ear cartilage? I'm concerned I don't have enough ear cartilage. (photos)

Hey im just. im planing to have rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to augment my nasal bridge. dont want implants. i have pics of myself here, i have... READ MORE

Bulbous nose - I have a bulbous and flat nose a bit in the wide side. (photo)

Is it possible to only reduce the bulbousness and sharpen the tip a bit ? (I know i am not using right terms, bear with me) . I don't want to have a... READ MORE

Can I get Rhinoplasty with slightly more tip projection, and not have it change my physical appearance? (photos)

Im interested in a rhinoplasty, for a SLIGHTLY more tip projection. My nose is slightly flat from certain angles. Ide like to keep my nose shape the... READ MORE

Thinking of removing implant in a few months, but how will the result look with the Osteotomy/Tip Plasty already done? (photos)

I recently had Asian rhinoplasty in Korea. I had a silicon implant, osteotomy, alar base reduction (and cinch suture) and tipplasty udon septal... READ MORE

Advice on Rhinoplasty and Nasal Tip Surgery? (photo)

I am Asian and I had a revision rhinoplasty done last year. My natural nose is flat (no visible nose bridge), thus I had already understood the... READ MORE

I had a nose job around 25 yrs ago.. Is it advisable for me to remove my silicon now?

I'll have my rhinoplasty using silicone for 30 years , and I've found out the skin in my tips becomes thinner , and everyone can notice that I've done... READ MORE

Alar base reduction?

I'm Asian and I have a pretty big nose. I wanted to perform alar base reduction but my doctor didn't allow me because he said it could kill my skin... READ MORE

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