Alarplasty + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Options For Making my Wide Asian Nose Smaller? (photo)

My nostril flares so im considering alarplasty, as well as alar base reduction, so that it would not be as big when i smile wide, but still retain its... READ MORE

Nostrils Don't Seem to Move After Alar Reduction

"Frozen" nose possible? Nostrils dont really 'spread' after i had the alar reduced? I just got my cast off yesterday and I... READ MORE

Alarplasty Questions?

1)Does alarplasty narrow the nose? 2)Does it also make nostrils symmetrical? 3)Would the scar be noticeable when people are close to my face? READ MORE

Would an alarplasty or tip plasty be enough to make my Asian nose slimmer and more defined? (Photo)

I'm not so concerned about a high nose bridge. It's just that the tip of my nose is so large, it swallows up my face, especially when I smile. It's... READ MORE

Nose Silicon Removal Possible?

Asian female Had rhino + alarplasty last week. Before, I had a high nose bridge between my eyes, low one following down till my tip. So Dr. added a L... READ MORE

Would Alarplasty be adequate to reduce wide bulbous Chinese nose and chronic history of acne/seborrheic skin? (Photo)

I am 34 years old Chinese male. A doc recommended I have alarplasty and rhinoplasty, however I do not feel I really need increased projection. I am... READ MORE

Am I Good Candidate for Alarplasty? (photo)

Cause i think the alar is too wide since im a transgender i want it smaller for me to look softer. Am i good candidate for alarplasty? Thank you READ MORE

Recommendations for wide and big Asian nose? (Photo)

Hello, I'm an asian male with thick skin I don't want a drastic change to my nose, I just want my nose to be less wide and smaller, and fit... READ MORE

What do you recommend for a typical wide, flat, Asian nose? (Photo)

I'm an Asian female and I hate my nose! I want a narrower, more prominent (but still natural looking) nose. P.S. If someone who has had a full... READ MORE

24 year old Asian Rhinoplasty & Cheek Augmentation recommendations/options? (Photo)

Greetings Docs, 1st is a picture of me 2 years back and 2&3rd recently. There has been a loss of volume and my nlf folds have deepened, but a full... READ MORE

I have a bulbous nose and I'm an Asian. Which rhinoplasty procedure would make my nose appear smaller? (Photo)

I don't have high bridge and I don't mind about it. All I want is to get a smaller nose and a sharper tip. May I known what rhinoplasty procedure... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for a Wide Asian Nose? (photos)

So I have disliked my nose since I was in elementary school. It is flat and wide and generally unflattering on my face. I think that the width is... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty. My profile is too long and when I smile I look like a bird. Is this my final result? (Photo)

I get that it takes a year to see final results but aren't most of the result seen after at least a month? I wanted a less bulbous, less wide nose.... READ MORE

Ethnic Asian nose - rhinoplasty or alarplasty alone? (photos)

Hi, My main concerns are the width of my nose (especially when I smile) and also the unevenness of my nostrils. I also don't like the flatness of my... READ MORE

Seeking for help am so tired thinking. My problem is my nose i want my nose trim rhinoplasty alarplasty? (photo)

.i have include to my photo for your idea to get more help also bother me that maybe it will get a scar or they called keloid. since i have... READ MORE

Does alarplasty make nasolabial folds deeper?

Hello, I'd like to know if alarplasty (asian nose) would deepen nasolabial folds, thank you. READ MORE

Would an alarplasty/tip refinement be enough for my Asian nose?

I am primarily concerned with my wide nose and bulbous tip and not so much with adding height to my nose. I want to avoid getting any kind of implant... READ MORE

What are the operations I have to go through for this kind of nose? (photos)

Hi I am ASIAN. I want to get my nose done, but I dont know that should I go through, like alar plasty, rhinoplasty, etc. I attached a photo of my nose... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty procedures I need. I am an Asian male wanting to have a better looking nose. (Photo)

My alar from sideview is hanging, what procedure needed to fix that? Also in worm's eye view I am not sure if I need Alarplasty, hope not as I hate... READ MORE

Alarplasty options for wider Asian female nose? (Photos)

I was wondering what kind of alarplasty options there were for a wider female asian nose. At rest without smiling, I don't find my nose is that wide.... READ MORE

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