Age 25-34 + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Asian Rhinoplasty & Chin Augumentation for Facial Harmony? (photo)

My 'strong' nose bothers me. When I smile, it overpowers my other features. Work on my chin can improve my profile. I don't know if my jaw has to do... READ MORE

Would Alarplasty be adequate to reduce wide bulbous Chinese nose and chronic history of acne/seborrheic skin? (Photo)

I am 34 years old Chinese male. A doc recommended I have alarplasty and rhinoplasty, however I do not feel I really need increased projection. I am... READ MORE

How much swelling with minor closed rhinoplasty, only 1 piece of cartilage removed?

Hi, I'm a 25 year old Asian female. I had rhinoplasty 5 years ago; unfortunately a piece of cartilage seems to have shifted down to the tip of my nose... READ MORE

Is the following goal realistic/desirable? (Photo)

I am Asian, 30 yo and I want to reduce and indent my large nose in, in the middle. I'm a bit atypical of Asians in that most Asians seek to elevate... READ MORE

26 yrs old, 3 months post-op, Asian rhinoplasty with Alloderm on nose bridge. How much reabsorption can I expect with Alloderm?

Did my 2nd revision alloderm on bridge and ear cart/alloderm/self rib to tip 3months ago. In the past i had L implant which shifted, made skin... READ MORE

I want to remove my silicone implant in my nose that I have done in Thailand. Can I do it in the country I'm at?

Hello i am a 26 Asian male who had Rhinoplasty silicone implant done at Thailand at 2012, what is the name or term for removing it out as i now am... READ MORE

Nasal septal perforation - what material for my bridge?

25 y/o asian, did ear septal cartilage on bridge 2013 and too high L implant 2014(shifted and made my nose skin thin). a dr just told me that ive a... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty: Is it possible to improve the size and shape or do I have a worst nightmare nose? (photos)

29, F. I have not seen before/after photos of an Asian rhinoplasty on someone who has my kind of nose. I have got thick ala, thick skin, a wide alar... READ MORE

Reshape nose tip on a nose with existing nasal implant

I'm an 28 yo Asian female and I had a L shape silicon nasal implant surgery 8 years ago. Lately I notice my nose tip seems to get bigger and rounder,... READ MORE

Asian nose job after Accutane, is it safe?

Hi iam 25 and iam planning to get my nose done sometimes this summer..... i used to stay on Accutane for 6 months from january to June last year....... READ MORE

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