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How Does Cartilage Recover from Rhinoplasty, Especially for Nose Graft? Do They Stay Permanent?

I am a 23year old male, thinking about fixing the side of my nose, which exhibits open-roof condition. Because I understand that it is impossible to... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - Flat Columella and Flat Tip, What Can Be Done with Surgery? (photo)

What I really dislike about my nose is the columella, I think that's what it's called. My nostril sill goes below, giving it a somewhat of a... READ MORE

I Just Had Rhinoplasty 12 Days Ago and my Bridge Looks Very Unnatural

I am a 23 year old Asian male. I had a silicone implant inserted through closed rhinoplasty to increase the height of my bridge. The result was that... READ MORE

Regarding the Scope of Getting a Sharp Nose by Rhinoplasty if Having a Thick Skin?

I'm a cleft patient and am 20 yrs female. I have underwent surgeries for repairing my cleft. In this process I took 2 rhinoplasty's too. But i'm not... READ MORE

21 years old traveling from Hong Kong to Thailand for Nose Job: Will I Look Natural? (Photo)

I heard about Thai doctors tend to go for too high nose, making Asian face not natural, is that true ? The situation that I have is I still like to... READ MORE

Shiny Nose After Asian Rhinoplasty?

I'm a 20-year old East Asian female and have medium to thin skin. My surgeon put a cartilage graft on the bridge of my nose. He didn't dice the... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Rhinoplasty Procedure(s) for Me? (photo)

I'm in my 20s, and I've always disliked my nose for being too wide. I'm considering an alar base reduction, but what else? I'm not sure if I want to... READ MORE

Should I Get an Ethnic Rhinoplasty with a Silicone Implant? (photo)

Hi, I'm eighteen year old female of both Caucasian and Asian race. I would like the bridge of my nose higher so when I take photos I don't look like I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Ultrasoft implant. Asian, 24 years old had a Septorhinoplasty for a deviated nose and septum?

Dear doctors, Before my surgery I spoke to 6 different doctors, they all told me to use a silicon implant for my nose to raise the bridge. Septum not... READ MORE

My nose is too big for my face? (photos)

I'm 19, Asian. My big flat nose is too big for my face. I want make it smaller and a bit pointy that suits my face. Does this mean my nose need... READ MORE

Will my rib cartilage become weaker after rib-harvesting rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am a 19-year-old Asian with very thick skin. I have had multiple consultations, and almost all the doctors said that rib cartilage is the only... READ MORE

24 year old Asian Rhinoplasty & Cheek Augmentation recommendations/options? (Photo)

Greetings Docs, 1st is a picture of me 2 years back and 2&3rd recently. There has been a loss of volume and my nlf folds have deepened, but a full... READ MORE

How safe is rhinoplasty with implants?

22 y.o. asian planning to get rhinoplasty for a taller nose and bridge. However, I am still not convinced about the safety of implant whether it be... READ MORE

How long should an out of town patient stay in the area after rhinoplasty with rib grafting?

Hi. I am a 19-year-old Asian female from Singapore. I want to fly to CA to have rhinoplasty with rib grafting since I have thick skin and a flat nose.... READ MORE

I would like an ethnic rhinoplasty for a more defined nose. What would you recommend? (photos)

Hello, my name is Don, I am 23 years old and I live in Holland. For my nose I'd really like to have a more narrow and defined nose. One doctor in... READ MORE

Cosmetic surgeons around Miami or Broward County that specialize in Asian Rhinoplasty or problems similar to mine? (Photo)

Hi, Im an Asian female and 18years old, for a long time now I've been very self conscious about my nose. My nose is very unflattering to my face, it... READ MORE

I've had frequent radiesse injections for about 4 years. Am I still a candidate for rhinoplasty?

I am a 22 yr old Asian. With the typical flat nose bridge and wide alar base. Have been doing radiesse injections frequently for the last 4 years.... READ MORE

What procedures can be done to improve my nose? (18, Asian Female) (photos)

My nose is quite wide and flat, especially when I smile. It seems to swallow up my face. I'd like it to be slimmer and more feminine, but I don't have... READ MORE

How much would it cost for filler, nose job and dark circles removed?

Hi, I'm a 23 years old Asian girl.I'm looking for a clinic to do a filler nose job and dark circle remove with reasonable price for international... READ MORE

How much does Asian rhinoplasty by a top surgeon in Australia cost? Also I am 18 so would that be an appropriate age?

I know that a proper quote cannot be given without seeing me in person, but most consultations are around $300 AUD so I would like to have a approx.... READ MORE

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