Age 17 Or Under + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Will my nose bridge grow taller as I grow?

I'm 14 years old and I'm Asian. I understand Asians have pretty flat noses. I was wondering if our nose bridges grow taller or if it stays the same. READ MORE

Teenage Vietnamese Rhinoplasty

Hi I'm a 17 years old Vietnamese girl and I hate my nose ever since I was small. I wear my glasses full time to cover up my nose. I do not have a... READ MORE

What Procedures Would You Recommend for a More Aesthetically Pleasing Nose? (photo)

I am 17 years old and am of 1/2 Filipino and 1/2 Caucasian descent. I am unsatisfied with my nose as it appears to be too vertically long and too... READ MORE

What Kind of Rhinoplasty I Need? Asian Nose with a Round Tip. (photo)

Hi! I'm a 15 years old.I have been self conscious about the shape of my nose for a while now. I wanna know what kind of rhinoplasty I should get.So... READ MORE

Have I Pulled Cartilage/ligament in Nose or Caused a Nasal Structure Collapse?

Lady was squeezing my blackheads and tugging and pulling my nose, i had to go doctors was given antibiotics (nose infection) but still looked the... READ MORE

Best Rhinoplasty Implant for Me? (photo)

I'm a 17 year old guy and I hate my nose. It lacks definition and length. And it gets even wider when I smile. what do you think would be the best... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty at 17. Reluctant of Pain and Anesthetic? (photo)

Hey there, Im 17 years old with an appointment scheduled July 1st in the United States to get Rhinoplasty done on my nose. I am however a little... READ MORE

Can I still have a pointy nose?

Hi. Im 17 years old turning 18 in 3months. An asian female. I'm wandering answers on how to have a pointy nose because i have a small nose and my nose... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nose? Is 15 too young to get Rhinoplasty?

I have done some research on my noses but I still can't identify my problem. Also, I am 15 years old. Is this age too young to get plastic surgery? If... READ MORE

I want a nose job and I am wondering about the price of one? (Photo)

I have an asian nose that is flat and round and it flares out when I yawn and it is disgusting for people to look at. I also have acne on it so I was... READ MORE

Alar base reduction for 14 yr old girl; is it too young?

My 14 years old daughter is a laughing stalk for having big Asian nose and it widens when she smiles. We're thinking for doing alar base reduction,... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for nasal tip derotation and/or columella/sill tucking? Or something else maybe? (photo)

My face is unbalanced and I think it's mostly due to my nose. I'm currently 16 but I don't think I will develop out of this. I've been told that my... READ MORE

Would I be too young for a rhinoplasty? (Photo)

So I am a 14 year old girl who's had this idea of rhinoplasty since around age 11. I have a very typical Asian nose, as you can see. Is 14 too young... READ MORE

Is my nose deformed? (Photo)

I'm an 17 year old asian and my nose is very weird and makes me feel unsecure. When I was smaller, I always hit my nose and I bet it was broken at... READ MORE

Can a 14 year old get 2 rhinoplasty procedures done on the same day? (photos)

I am a 14 year old female and I have the traditional ethnic bulbous nose, and all I really want is a tip reduction and an alar base to be done. Is... READ MORE

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