1 Week Post-op + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Nostrils Don't Seem to Move After Alar Reduction

"Frozen" nose possible? Nostrils dont really 'spread' after i had the alar reduced? I just got my cast off yesterday and I... READ MORE

I Hate My Nose 1 Week Post-Op, How Can I Get It Back To Normal?

Hi I am an asaian patient who just went thru a rhino and septoplasty about 9 days ago. The casts came off at day 7, and I was horrified on how my nose... READ MORE

When Can We Touch or Squeeze a Nose Which Undergone Open Rhinoplasty (Goretex)? (photo)

I'm quite concerned as to when can I touch or squeeze my nose after the surgery. The surgery was on December 21, 2012. My doctor used goretex for the... READ MORE

Nose Silicon Removal Possible?

Asian female Had rhino + alarplasty last week. Before, I had a high nose bridge between my eyes, low one following down till my tip. So Dr. added a L... READ MORE

Uneven Results. Is This Just Swelling 1 Week Post-Rhinoplasty?

I am one week post op and my nose looks like it's swollen unevenly. Is this normal? It looks very crooked and looks as though the cast did it... READ MORE

I Just Got a Silicone Rhinoplasty 7 Days and my Son Slap my Nose.

Im asain and I just got a silicone implant rhinoplasty exactly 7 days ago. While caring for my 1 year old son, he slapped me really hard on the entire... READ MORE

Does Gortex Show Immediate Healing Faster Than Rib Cartilage for Bridge Implants?

I'm 8 days post-op with using ib cartilage implants in my bridge and tip with a Asian rhinoplasty. Another Asian girl at the same healing day as me... READ MORE

Closed rhinoplasty post op day 7. My nose tip become more bulbous than before? (photo)

Closed rhino day7. Doctor inserted a L-implant as I wanted a higher nose bridge because before this I have a very flat nose bridge. But I emphasized... READ MORE

Ear Cartilage Under Nose and Tip Revision? (photo)

I had rhino surgery 8 days ago & have 2 ques: 1) Dr put ear cartilage right under my nose in order to improve my profile. Didn't discuss during... READ MORE

Removed cast after rhinoplasty and eyes appear to have been "pulled" closer together. Is it due to swelling?

I had an Asian rhinoplasty a week ago (tip augmentation, bridge augmentation with DCF graft, alar base reduction). When the cast came off today, my... READ MORE

Shocked to See Prominent Vertical Incision of 0.5 Cm Running Between Nostril After Rhinoplasty Instead of V Incision?

I had my rhino done last week to increase nose bridge height, reduce bulbous tip and reduce flaring nostril. i was told there would be scar near nasal... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty had no face swelling? (Photo)

I had an open rhino 5 days ago. Tip work, alar reduction, shaving down of a minor hump, & gortex inserted. Since my surgery my face has had NO... READ MORE

Hit in the Nose During He First Week After a Rhinoplasty?

A week before I had my hump removed, and silicon inserted in my nose, at the top and at the tip of my nose (rhinoplasty). But I have manage to carry a... READ MORE

Crooked nose implant or just swelling? (Photos)

I had an Asian rhinoplasty using silicone implant and septal cartilage about 9 days ago and can't tell if the swelling is uneven or crooked implant. I... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty swelling dorsum too high (Photo)

This is just one week after rhinoplasty and septumplasty done to correct a deviated nasal septum. The cast was taken off yesterday. I am worried. But... READ MORE

Scar/lump on both sides of alar base. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am 8 days post Asian rhinoplasty and had my alar base reduced. I notice where it was cut and stitched together there is a lump. I think it's where... READ MORE

Day 9 Rhinoplasty - unhappy with results, doctor took a lot of length off, would filler correct this? (photos)

I know it's only been a week and a bit so there's swelling but I know my nose isn't going to get any longer so am I able to go get a filler done this... READ MORE

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