1 Month Post-op + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Revision Rhinoplasty After Tipoplasty and Alar Base Reduction? (photo)

It's been a month since my tipoplasty and alar base reduction with ear cartilage. I feel like my nose is still too wide for my liking althought it has... READ MORE

Nose Implant Showing, Normal? (photo)

I had my surgery one month ago and got a L-shaped silicone implant. Few days ago I think I can see my implant and its not getting batter. Is this... READ MORE

Can Smiling Create a Deviated Silicone Implant? (Asian Female) (photo)

I recently received my first rhinoplasty about 4 weeks ago (the stitches removed a week after surgery) and I was instructed not to express my... READ MORE

Radix too high after insertion of silicon implant (Asian rhinoplasty). (photos)

Had rhino with silicon implant in Korea 1 month ago. The implant made my radix too high. I noticed that the bridge/radix curve for most people begins... READ MORE

Upturned nose Asian Rhinoplasty. Do I need revision? (photos)

It's one month since I got open rhinoplasty in Jakarta, but I am living in Europe. My surgeon put i shaped implant with ear cartilage for the tip. He... READ MORE

I Can Feel Something in the tip of my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Got asian rhinoplasty done in japan one month ago. the doctor used "I" type silicone for the bridge . When I touch the tip of my nose, I can feel... READ MORE

Over 1 month Post-op Asian Rhinoplasty and osteotomy, the front is still flat and undefined? (photo)

I had endoscopic surgery 5 weeks ago with silicone insert + ear cartilage as well as osteotomy. My profile view has improved but the front view looks... READ MORE

How soon can I get a Asian Revision Rhinoplasty?

1 month ago I got a rhinoplasty and I am unhappy about the size of my bulbous / tip area. It is really big ( I wanted definition , narrower elongated... READ MORE

Will the tip of my nose look more projected and less bulbous once the swelling has gone down? I'm 4 weeks post op. (photos)

Hello, I had rhinoplasty and alarplasty 4 weeks ago and a goretex implant was used and also cartilage from ear was put in the tip. I know it is very... READ MORE

L shape used to get good bridge but top end up rounder and wide. (photo)

I'm Asian I had an L shape silicon implant placed 5 weeks ago.. The bridge looks good but not quite happy with the round tip and when I smile it looks... READ MORE

Will this become OK? Will it go down in the middle of my eyes after a month? I am worried and it's bothering me everyday (Photo)

I got rhinoplasty lastmonth,.but my concern is really too high until in the middle of my eyebrow it will looks wrinkles have triangle,,i already touch... READ MORE

Asian nose: How to reduce the size of my nostrils when smiling? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty almost a month ago. They reduced my alar and added a bridge. The bridge is too slim which makes my nose look unnatural. I don't... READ MORE

Is it necessary to massage nose after rhinoplasty? 1 month post op

I did 2nd asian nose revision self rib, alloderm and ear cartilage for tip + alloderm for bridge. Dr told to press down with 2 fingers and release,... READ MORE

What to eat after nose job?

Can you give me more info on your eating aftet nose job. I am asian. My mom have her own what not to do and Eat after nose job. I have friend that... READ MORE

Is it normal to have migraines 1 month after Asian rhinoplasty revision and upper eyelid lift? (Photo)

It has now been a month since my Asian rhinoplasty revision and upper eyelid surgery and I noticed a migraine Attack from time to time. Also, I feel... READ MORE

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