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What Technique To Get Almond Shaped Asian Eyes? (photo)

I would like to have almond eyes, but not like the picture you can see below, because those are the almond eyes which a caucasian person can have. I... READ MORE

Does Raising the Nasal Bridge Have Essentially the Same Effect As Epicanthoplasty?

I'm scheduled to have Asian blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) in conjunction with epicanthoplasty to widen the eyes a tad (nothing drastic).... READ MORE

Asian Blepharoplasty

Is the asian blepharoplasty the exact same thing as the double eyelid surgery procedure? i'm sure you already posted this here somewhere, but pls do... READ MORE

Tapered Eyelid?

Hi, i have epicanthol fold in my inner corner of my eyes. I am going to do double eyelid surgery soon. I want to do a high tapered crease. If i want... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid, Suture or Incision Method? (photo)

What do you think? Your welcome to give any advice or opinions you have, thanks! Asian eyelid surgery suture or incision method? READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty Using Plastic Method?

Hi, does any of you know what is the plastic method used for epicanthoplasty surgery all about? A doctor told me that he is using the plastic method... READ MORE

Which Asian eyelid surgery to do to minimize scars and get the most natural results? (photo)

Hi... I've been thinking about making my eyelids bigger for the longest time... But I'm hesitant about it because I want the most natural results... READ MORE

How Were Surgeons Able to Create Such a Defined, Western Eyelid on an Asian Patient? (photo)

(From the left) the first image is Vanilla Chamu pre op, the second is after her first set of operations, and the third picture is the results of her... READ MORE

Asian Upper Bleph - What Does It Entail?

Can the surgeon lower the eyelid fold without cutting out more skin? READ MORE

What Do Procedures Do I Have to Do to Have to Get Double Eyelids? (photo)

You see i wanted to get double eyelid surgery and i live i wanted to know what kind of prcedures i need for it READ MORE

How were surgeons able to create such Western eyelids on this Asian patient? (Photo)

I have seen pictures of Asian eyelid surgery results, but this one looks much more defined. I am interested in knowing the methods and procedures used... READ MORE

Autologous Fat Grafting into Orbital Septum?

Is there any reason that most doctors does not perform autologous fat grafting into orbital septum with incisional double eyelid plasty? "Correction... READ MORE

How much does Asian blepharoplasty cost if done on only one eyelid using the suture technique? (Photo)

I have a defined crease on one eyelid and no crease at all on the other, making my eyes appear asymmetrical in size (similar to the picture attached).... READ MORE

Which Eyelid Surgical Technique is Better?

I've had asian double eyelid done a while back, and as a result, my left eyelid is slightly retracted (too much eyeball show). I have seen 2 surgeons.... READ MORE

Persistent swelling after Asian double eyelid surgery - partial incision technique. How long does it take to go down?

Dear Drs, I had Asian double eyelid surgery via partial incisional technique 2 weeks ago but the edema does not seem to have dissipated a great deal.... READ MORE

Best/Suitable Asian Blepharoplasty technique for high, defined and permanent crease?

I am an Asian female who has very thin & uneven eyelid creases. As my question states, I have long been harboring thoughts over getting an upper bleph... READ MORE

Asian blepharoplasty extended incision. Do other surgeons do this technique? (Photos)

I had Asian blepharoplasty for the second time after 6 months as I was not happy with the results. I went to the same surgeon who did my first surgery... READ MORE

Which technique/procedure would you use to create a higher crease? (Photo)

I would like to hear some opinions prior to consulting with a doctor in my area. Generally speaking, I am leaning toward the incisional technique as... READ MORE

Which Asian double eyelid surgery would be best to create symmetry in both eyes - incisional or non incisional? (Photo)

In the last year I noticed my left eye crease has become a monolid. I am a 30yr old female. I'd like to know what type of surgery method (incisional... READ MORE

Pitfalls of the double suture technique?

If I get the Double Suture Technique to deepen my soft crease (I am Asian), will this cause stretching of the eyelid skin, similar to what happens... READ MORE

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