Stitches + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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What is a 7mm crease? (photos)

I got an eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. After I got my stitches out, my surgeon noticed I had Ptosis and I had a Ptosis correction 5 days later. Imagine... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Botched in Thailand, Help Required (photo)

This is the 10 days, after surgery and 2 days after stitching is off, i found the doctor to be unprofessional and the stitching is way wrong, my wound... READ MORE

Ptosis Surgery (Asian Eyes) and Stitches Removed- Will the Swelling Go Down with a Natural Fold? (photo)

I had ptosis surgery on my left eyelid about a week ago and got my stitches removed yesterday by a nurse because my oculoplastic surgeon is on... READ MORE

Eyelid multi layer folds after double eyelid stitching. What can be done? (Photo)

Did double eyelid stitching two months ago. After surgeon, I saw an excessive crease on eyelid, appears more small folds in one month recovered time,... READ MORE

9th day of upper and lower eyelid surgery with obvious stitches. How long will it take for them to subside? (Photo)

I had my upper eyelid revision to remove fat and lower eyelid surgery to rid of the excess skin 8 days ago, I understand the swelling but the stitch... READ MORE

Is it normal for eyes to look asymmetrical on the 8th day after double eyelid surgery? (Photo)

Hi! I had double eyelid surgery about a week ago. 8th day today. I seem to have an extra fold above the stitches. My eyes look asymmetric. My doctor... READ MORE

I accidentally rubbed my eyes, will the swelling go down? (photos)

I received a double eyelid surgery around June 19th in South Korea. I have had my stitches removed and returned back to the US because I was only in... READ MORE

Left eyelid crease not defined after double eyelid stitching? (Photo)

Today is 6days post op after my double eyelid stitching procedure. Swelling seems to resolve really good but im concern about my left eye which the... READ MORE

Just undergone Asian upper eyelid blepharoplasty and medial epicanthoplasty: 3 wks recovery. (photo)

I understand it could take 6months healing time but I am concerned about my right eye it seems tight around the stitch. The crease line looks deeper... READ MORE

It's been 4 days since I got double eyelid surgery, but have double crease (Photo)

It's been day 4 since I've gotten my double eyelid surgery. I'm not sure if it's cause I still have my stitches or if it's cause it's swollen but my... READ MORE

2.5 week post op complications - will it get better with time? (photos)

When I went in to remove my stitches, the surgeon noticed the L crease was not as deep and would form a triple lid with easy manipulation. I underwent... READ MORE

1 week after Asian double eyelid surgery, does it seem like my left eye is uneven? (photos)

It has only been 1 week since I've had my stitches taken out from my Asian double eyelid surgery. Ever since I've had stitches put on, I've noticed... READ MORE

I am considering eyelid job, half/full facelift and nose procedure. Please give me your recommendations. (Photo)

See photos and please provide an approximate $$. 1) with stitches above my right eye, can I get symmetrical eyes, remove excess skin and create a... READ MORE

Does putting warm compresses on eyelids after Asian eyelid surgery mess up the inner dissolvable stitches and crease line?

I noticed that when I put warm compresses on my eyelids, and on my sinuses above my eyes (due to sinus congestion) it made the dissolvable inner... READ MORE

Dissolvable stitches poking out & chemosis after Asian blepharoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. What can I do? (Photo)

I've got chemosis on my right eye on 3rd day post op. Surgeon doesn't seem concerned and he said it'll resolve. I'm skeptical as I read that chemosis... READ MORE

Is my blepharoplasty incision healing normally? (Photo)

I had asian eyelid surgery and I am 28. It has been exactly 2 weeks . The incision reddens when I wash my face. It was initially also not reacting... READ MORE

Are dissolvable inner stitches supposed to be there 1 month post op and above crease line (Asian eyelid surgery)? (Photo)

I'm 1 month post op and the dissolvable inner stitches are quite prominent and raised and are above my crease line, especially on my right eye. Is... READ MORE

Small dot of thread exposed after double eyelid stitching? (Photos)

Firstly i wana thanks all the Drs whoever responsed to my question. The double crease prob seems like improved slightly as i keep on doin lots of... READ MORE

Double eyelid surgery done about 4 days ago still fold(crease) doesn't form/appear is this permanent?

I went to do double eyelid surgery full inclional but he did partial inclional without asking me saying my eyes doesnt have fat but i droppy eyelid by... READ MORE

Unsimilar eyeball after doing eyelid surgery? (Photos)

I have done eyelid surgery on August 2015. The stiching have recovered.but the eyeballs looks is drooping and other is straight cut.Please... READ MORE

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