Shape + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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How does a lateral canthoplasty work? (photo)

I have pretty round eyes (for an Asian) and natural double eyelids, but I don't like the round shape of my eyes.  I'm not looking for bigger eyes... READ MORE

Pulling on Eyelids

Beacaue I have obssesive compulsive disorder. I'm obsessed witm my eyelids. does always pulling your eyelid really hard can change your eye shape?... READ MORE

Can I change the shape of my Asian eyes ? I look Asian, though I'm not (Photo)

Everyone tells me my eyes look asian but I'm not asian and I don't wanna look like Asian people. In pictures my eyes look asian, I m not bothered by... READ MORE

Asian Epicanthoplasty for Mixed Heritage (photo)

I wish to change the shape of my inner corners of the eyes to have similar shape to that of east- asian and since im mixed (black,white samì)... READ MORE

What Surgeons Have Experience with Asian Upper Eyelid Surgery Revision? Do I Need an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

I had a rather aggressive upper eyelid asian blepharoplasty ( full incision,sutures) 20yrs ago. Fat, skin & muscle removed resulting in hollowing.... READ MORE

Can I Change my Caucasoid Eyes to Mongoloid Eyes? (photo)

I'm searching for a surgery to build an (chinese) epicanthic fold on each eye. I've never been contented with my European eyes, though I do get... READ MORE

I'm Asian But Do Not Want To Change My Eye Shape- Can Eyelids Surgery Help My Sagging Lids? (photo)

My upper eyelids have gotten very droopy, right eye is worse than left. They've always had 2 creases (not just 1, unusual for Asians!). My lower... READ MORE

Asian double eyelid surgery gave me deformed eye shape. Is this normal due to swelling or is it something worse? (Photo)

I had my surgery about 3 weeks ago and I noticed that one of my eyes is shaped very weirdly post-op. The inner upper corners cut into the almond shape... READ MORE

What Techniques Can Make my Eyes Look Almond or Korean? (photo)

Mostly like the first girl below I have American eyes and I just don't feel I look right. so I Hope someone can please help me I just hope it does not... READ MORE

Recommended Types of Eyelid Surgery to Achieve a Much Larger Rounder Catlike Eye Shape?

I do not want to look "white", as I believe that rounder eyes are not necessarily racially specific, only a stereotype, but what are the reccomended... READ MORE

Revision for my asymmetrical eyelids? Not even the incision lines are the same. (Photo)

It's been 2 weeks and 5 days since my Asian eyelid surgery. While I'm aware it hasn't been long, I'm growing distressed because 1) the creases aren't... READ MORE

Why is my eyelid shape weird and not round? (Photo)

I had double eyelid surgery about 2 months ago and my eye shape is not exactly round. The eyelid skin is more thin in the front corners of the eye but... READ MORE

Can a Scar on the Eybrow Change the Shape of the Eye Below It?

I have a scar on my eyebrow, that goes vertical. its located about the center of my left eyebrow, needed 6 stitches but only received 4 since i got to... READ MORE

Can you have surgery to gain an 'Asian Eye' appearance?

Growing up in has a half Asian, half White child was an interesting, but troubling thing. Out of all the half Asian children in the region, we all had... READ MORE

Can there be a correction surgery to make my both eyes be the same shape? (photo)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 3 months ago, but now I considered it a botched one because my right is bigger than the other and there is a gap... READ MORE

2.5 week post op complications - will it get better with time? (photos)

When I went in to remove my stitches, the surgeon noticed the L crease was not as deep and would form a triple lid with easy manipulation. I underwent... READ MORE

Does putting warm compresses on eyelids after Asian eyelid surgery mess up the inner dissolvable stitches and crease line?

I noticed that when I put warm compresses on my eyelids, and on my sinuses above my eyes (due to sinus congestion) it made the dissolvable inner... READ MORE

Is it normal to have daily fluctuations of eyelid shape & size after Asian eyelid surgery (1 month post op)?

I am 1 mth postop after having Asian eyelid surgery. My eyelids are way too big for my liking. I know I have to be patient and wait it out, but it's... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for Asian eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)? (Photo)

Hello, I am half-Asian and have double-folds but they are not very prominent. I want my eyes to look bigger and stand out more so I have considered... READ MORE

Can you make Asian eyes (monolid) bigger without double eyelid surgery? (photos)

Hi! All my life I've hated my eyes, but loved them with the type of makeup I wear. I feel as though the eyeliner makes my eyes look bigger/wider and... READ MORE

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