Scar Tissue + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Medial Epicanthoplasty Scar is Hypertropic 3 Months Post-Op, Will this Fade? (photo)

I did medial epicanthoplasty on 1 oct 2011, it's been over 2 months and nearly 3 months, the scars have turned white, on my right eye the bottm of... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision As my Right Eye Inner Corner Has a Big Scar?

Hi, I had double eyelid surgery 6 weeks ago, also I had my inner eye corners cut as recommended by my doctor. however my two eyes are differet, left... READ MORE

Excess Scar Tissue Pulling on Upper Eyelid - What Does It Feel Like?

What feeling/sensation does one feel if there is excess scar tissue formed INTERNALLY in the upper eyelid, after double eyelid surgery? (Basically,... READ MORE

Can a second upper blepharoplasty rectify a high and irregular crease with some scar tissues? (Photo)

My upper and lower blepharoplasty was done 9 years ago. The incisions on the upper eyelids were too high. My Asian almond shaped eyes were turned into... READ MORE

7 weeks post, ptosis and scleral show, possible scar tissue. Revision Asian eyelid, ptosis correction, epi and lateral (Photo)

Feel something inside inner corner on the right eye, a hard lump that follows my incision line. It is affecting the way the crease forms (making the... READ MORE

Should I get a revision? Will I risk more health problems? I am 2 years and 6 months post op. (Photo)

My left eye appears to have ptosis. The scar tissue on the left eye is thicker than my right eye when I feel my stitches; my vision feels different on... READ MORE

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