Ptosis + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Mild Ptosis More Complicated to Fix?

I have mild ptosis and I was wondering if mild ptosis is more difficult to correct considering that the chances for overcorrection is higher and since... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Hollowness After Ptosis Repair

Hi, I am 32 years old Asian female. Apr 2011, I had a surgery to repair ptosis. However, my left upper eyelid became too hollow, stiff and sunken. I... READ MORE

I really feel like my crease is too big for my eye. Do I Need a Revision? (photo)

Just had asian eye lid surgery on 6/3/13. I know it's too soon to tell but I really feel like my crease is too big for my eye. The crease is right... READ MORE

Eyelid Ptosis or Eyebrow Ptosis After Double Eyelid Surgery?

Had double eyelid surgery 4 months ago. Left eye had no crease before surgery. Now I think it is drooping again. Does it look like the ptosis is an... READ MORE

What is a 7mm crease? (photos)

I got an eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. After I got my stitches out, my surgeon noticed I had Ptosis and I had a Ptosis correction 5 days later. Imagine... READ MORE

Ptosis in Asian Eyelids

I am a 32 year old Asian female and I was diagnosed as left eye ptosis (2mm-2.5mm). My oculoplastic surgeon suggested an internal incision method... READ MORE

Is Ptosis Surgery Supposed to Be Painful Even After Being Given Local Anesthesia? It Was for Me.

5 months ago, I had several procedures down on my eyelids: blepharoplasty as well as ptosis and epicanthoplasty. While the blepharoplasty was bearable... READ MORE

Ptosis Correction and Asian Eyelid Revision Surgery - Need Staged Operation?

A doctor told me Ptosis correction AND revision in 1 procedure requires static crease. He says Ptosis correction attaches levator to tarsal plate,... READ MORE

Asian Ptosis Without Double Eyelid Surgery?

I am an Asian male, 21 years old, with pstosis with relatively normal brow position but excess skin over my eyes. About 40% of my pupil is covered. I... READ MORE

Will my Swelling Subside Further? (photo)

I just blepharoplasty revision, epicanthoplasty and ptosis done last month and today is day 19 after the surgery. Just want to ask, will the swelling... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Revision Suggestions

Does it look like I have ptosis on my left eye? Is there a procedure that will make my eyes look more narrow/almond shaped. My surgeon placed my... READ MORE

Will Asian Eyelid Surgery Help with Ptosis?

I was told that I have ptosis on the right eyelid. Do you think asian eyelid surgery would improve my appearance? If I get the surgery will it make me... READ MORE

Big Eyelids 8 Weeks After Revision Ptosis Surgery

My eyelid seem to be expanded after my revision surgery a month ago. I have a primary surgery in end apr, few days later follow by a revision surgery... READ MORE

Did my revision double eyelid surgery go wrong? (photo)

I just had revisional double eyelid surgery and ptosis repair 4 weeks ago. 6 days after I got it done the doctor had to fix an overcorrection on my... READ MORE

What should I do if my eyelid still does not fold even after double eyelid surgery? (Photo)

I had undergone double eyelid surgery 6 months ago. In about 4 months through recovery, the crease on my right eye started to become less visible. The... READ MORE

Ptosis Surgery (Asian Eyes) and Stitches Removed- Will the Swelling Go Down with a Natural Fold? (photo)

I had ptosis surgery on my left eyelid about a week ago and got my stitches removed yesterday by a nurse because my oculoplastic surgeon is on... READ MORE

Do I Have Eyelid Ptosis? (Photos)

I've had uneven eyes ever since I was born and as grew older my eyesight has gotten worse and worse. I'm 18 now and I was wondering if I had... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Bumps Under my Asian Double Eyelid Crease Line? (photo)

I recently had incisional double eyelid surgery with ptosis repair only on one eye to make both eyes symmetrical. I am 1 month post-op and have... READ MORE

Firm Scars + Slightly Firm Bruises Under Eye After Asian Blepharoplasty, Epicanthoplasty, and Ptosis? (photo)

I'm about 3 weeks post-op (July 9th). I noticed in my right eye especially the incision line has hard, bumpy scar tissue (it's a bit hard to see in... READ MORE

Can an epicanthoplasty be reversed without scarring?

I originally had natural double eyelids but I had ptosis and as symmetry.   I had an epicanthoplasty,  double lid surgery and ptosis repair... READ MORE

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