Permanent + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Double Suture Technique (DST) - Permanent?

I got double sutures on my eyelids 10 years ago--but I read everywhere that this procedure is not permanent and it has gotten me worried. Mine has... READ MORE

Is my Triple Eyelid Permanent?

So I purposely made an extra crease in my left eyelid and the next morning i woke up i had triple eyelids. I am naturally double lidded. However it... READ MORE

Permanent Discoloration After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - is This Common?

I have heard that some people experience discolouration of the eyelids after asian double eyelid surgery. Although almost all online sources say that... READ MORE

Can a Nonincisional Asian Eyelid Surgery Be Reversed After One Month?

I had a nonincision Asian double eyelid surgery to raise the fold higher so my eyes are not so heavy. After one month, I can feel the 3 point knots... READ MORE

Eyes Still Not Even After Two Eyelid Surgeries

Hi there! I had surgery in Spring of 2008 to get double eyelids for my eyes. After a year of waiting, my eyes didn't look any better. So I went... READ MORE

Will Ko-je leave a permanent result, or will it disappear a few years later? I'm regretting it. (Photo)

I had Ko-je double eyelid surgery done last two weeks ago.. Now I regretted it as it looked really high, so I would like to ask if Ko-je will leave a... READ MORE

Crease not folding properly. Will this improve in time? (Photo)

I had a revisional double eyelids 7 weeks ago to lower my turns out my left eye has a double folds where the fold is slightly above the... READ MORE

Best/Suitable Asian Blepharoplasty technique for high, defined and permanent crease?

I am an Asian female who has very thin & uneven eyelid creases. As my question states, I have long been harboring thoughts over getting an upper bleph... READ MORE

What can I do to fix the unevenness of my eyelids? (Photo)

My eyelids have always been uneven and I know asymmetry is normal but I have never felt comfortable with the difference in the size of the crease.... READ MORE

Allergic reaction after double eyelid surgery (Photo)

After about a month of healing, my eyes began to look decent enough that I stopped panicking every morning. Then a cat triggered allergies I did not... READ MORE

Shrinkage? Permanent nose filler for Asian rhinoplasty on top of Gore-Tex. Good idea?

Had two open rhinoplasty, one with goretex for augmentation, he removed a bump from my nose, it was so high for the first 5 years or so, now it got so... READ MORE

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