Pain + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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What will the surgery for an Asian Eyelid Surgery Will Feel like?

Are most Asian eyelid surgeries done while the patients are awake? Is it painful? READ MORE

Is Ptosis Surgery Supposed to Be Painful Even After Being Given Local Anesthesia? It Was for Me.

5 months ago, I had several procedures down on my eyelids: blepharoplasty as well as ptosis and epicanthoplasty. While the blepharoplasty was bearable... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Eyes to Not Close Fully 5 Months After Revision Asian Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Hello, I had revisional Asian double eyelid surgery and slight ptosis correction 5 Months ago. I cannot close my eyes fully and this lead to horrible... READ MORE

Partial incision or full incision eyelid surgery? (photos)

I've been using eyelid tape for almost 2 years, now my eyes are saggy and the crease is of course not permanent. I've been thinking of doing the... READ MORE

Bump at my inner corner after Asian epicanthoplasty? 3 months post-op (Photo)

I've had my eyelid surgery (Double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty) 3 months ago. Healing went well. Yesterday i noticed a bump next to my inner... READ MORE

How much longer do I need to wait to decide on a revision? (photo)

I had asian upper eyelid surgery incisional it is 8 months after my surgery. IMy fear 1.I 'am shivering when my Dr. cut my eyelid fold. 2.After few... READ MORE

Dry eyes 2.5 years post op Asian double eyelid revision + ptosis correction. What options do I have? (photos)

I had revision surgery for my high crease and slight ptosis correction 2.5 years ago. I have had painful bothersome dry eyes since. My eyes do not... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend to fix my droopy eyes? (photos)

Had a bad seizure. Hit my head on concrete which left me with a blood clot on my forehead. Had to have remove in order to stay alive. Now my left eye... READ MORE

Asian double eye surgery: continue taking NSAID? IV injection for faster recovery?

Hello, I just had my Asian double eyelid surgery 8 days ago, the pain is gone, should I continue taking NSAID for swelling purposes? I am also toying... READ MORE

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