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What Technique To Get Almond Shaped Asian Eyes? (photo)

I would like to have almond eyes, but not like the picture you can see below, because those are the almond eyes which a caucasian person can have. I... READ MORE

Options for Enlargement of Asian Eyes

I'm an Asian with really small and narrowed eyes. I want my eyes to look fuller and bigger. I have heard about the double eyelid surgery and I am... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make Caucasian Eyes Look Asian? (photo)

Im 1/4 cherokee, 1/4 korean, and 1/2 irish. I look verry Irish but am proud of my korean heratige. I know its possible to make asian eyes look more... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Monolid/epicanthic Fold?

I am partly asian,i have almond shaped eyes and stretchy lids but i do NOT have a monolid or epicanthical fold as you can see. when I pull my lids... READ MORE

Can I Have Surgery for an Epicanthic Fold?

I also loved this fold that most asians have. I think this fold is beautiful. I always wanted to have. I wouldn't really look fake or something... READ MORE

Is Asian Blepharoplasty Revision Possible For Higher Crease?

I had double eyelid surgery 8 months ago, however I would like a higher crease now (more platform for make up, etc). Is this possible to achieve?... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Hollowness After Ptosis Repair

Hi, I am 32 years old Asian female. Apr 2011, I had a surgery to repair ptosis. However, my left upper eyelid became too hollow, stiff and sunken. I... READ MORE

I Have Double Eyelids but Want to Get Bigger Eyes--what Kind of Surgery Do You Recommend?

I'm Asian and want bigger eyes, but unfortunately I already have double eyelids. Is there anything I can to make my eyes look bigger, or are there... READ MORE

Can I change the shape of my Asian eyes ? I look Asian, though I'm not (Photo)

Everyone tells me my eyes look asian but I'm not asian and I don't wanna look like Asian people. In pictures my eyes look asian, I m not bothered by... READ MORE

I Am Asian and I Have a Natural, Defined Eye Crease, But I Want my Crease to Be Even Higher?

Hi, Im a 20 year old Asian female. I was born with a natural and defined eye crease (rare but not impossible). However, I want my crease to be more... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reverse Epicanthoplasty? (photo)

I had eyelid surgery done almost 3 months ago. At that time I just want to have double eyelid. However the doctor also suggested me to have... READ MORE

Why do I have an extra fold in my eye lid? (Photo)

My eyelid has an extra fold on both eyes. I've had the one on my right eye for years already. It wasn't there before but then one day when i woke up,... READ MORE

How To Treat: Uneven Eyelids, Hollowed Eye, Ptosis? (photo)

Based on the attached picture, is it possible to have my eyelids symmetrical? My left eyelid is too high probably due to lack of fat in the area. The... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Botched in Thailand, Help Required (photo)

This is the 10 days, after surgery and 2 days after stitching is off, i found the doctor to be unprofessional and the stitching is way wrong, my wound... READ MORE

Will my eyelid go back to the way it was? (Photo)

I'm Asian, but I have double lids. But recently I woke up and saw that one eye looks monolidded now. There's still a crease though, so it's more... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Asymmetric Double Eyelid Crease Post-Op Asian Eyelid Surgery?

I am now one month post op after Asian double eyelid surgery. My concern is both of the eyes looks different in terms of the shape if the opening of... READ MORE

Unable to Close my Eyes Fully After a Revision Upper Bleph- Options?

I'm 25 asian.Done revisional double eyelid,cant close my eyes fully-a 2-3 mm gap.So surprised when the surgeon told me even after months of... READ MORE

Fixing a double eyelid crease possible? (Photo)

I am Asian and one of my eyes is always a single lid while my other eye can also be a single lid but it usually becomes a double lid when I blink. Is... READ MORE

Possible to Have Surgery To Enhance My Epicanthal Folds?

Good morning, I have epicanthal folds because I'm half Asian but unfortunately I don't look exotic at all. I do not want monolids because I... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Revision to Remove All Fixations &sutures, Not Concerned About Double Eyelid As Outcome.

Hi, I had issue that the double eyelid fixation-levator points creates much tension and adhsion to the lashline, that it don't move freely. Can... READ MORE

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