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Blepharoplasty Eyelids Still Look Swollen After 2 Years, Is this Normal? (photo)

I had blepharoplasty in korea... first, the no-cut procedure, then a year later the laser procedure. I loved the shape of my eyelids after the no-cut,... READ MORE

Triple Eyelids After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery? Normal To Use Dissolvable Sutures?

Three weeks after eyelid surgery (full incisional, skin and fat removed, both eyes) I have a triple eyelid in one eye. In addition, both incisions are... READ MORE

Prolonged Swelling Full Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

I had full incisional double eyelid surgery almost a year ago when I was 19 and asked for a small tapered crease. The results are generally as... READ MORE

Scars Are Red, Bumpy and Itchy from Asian Eye (Belpharoplasty) Surgery, Is This Normal? (photo)

I received Asian upper eyelid surgery with regular suture and a radiowave scalpel. It’s been 3 months and I still have a deep carved scar from... READ MORE

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - Crease Forming or 2nd Surgery Needed? (photo)

Had asian double eyelid surgery. 1st picture is how I looked the 2nd night after surgery. Stitches on left eye are much higher than the stitches on... READ MORE

1 Month Post Asian Blepharoplasty; Asymmetrical Eyelids? (photo)

I had my blepharoplasty on May 30th 2012 and it's been a month since the surgery. My left eye is exactly how I want it to look like and swelling seems... READ MORE

2 Years After Asian Eyelid Surgery and You Can See the Inner White Part of My Skin, Normal?

Hello, I had a non-cutting method of double eyelid surgery two years ago. I do not know how to specifically explain this but if you look closely at my... READ MORE

Is Blurred Vision Considered Normal After an Asian Eyelid Surgery?

If blurred vision occurs after Asian eyelid surgery, when does it reside? earliest/latest? READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery and Worried About the Crusting.

I had my third correction on my left eye 4 months ago,because it keeps on dropping and it did so again. I also had a slight correction on the right... READ MORE

Eyelids still red after 1 1/2 month post op. How long will it take to fade? (Photo)

I got asian double eyelid surgery one and a half month ago, and since the start, they were very red. As per the doctor's instructions, I have been... READ MORE

Is it normal for my eyes to feel really tight after the (Asian) Double Eyelid Surgery?

I got the (asian) double eyelid surgery about 3 weeks ago. My eyes feel tight when I try to fully open them. I also look a bit sleepy when I have my... READ MORE

Double eyelid surgery done 4 months ago. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi! it's been four months since i got double eyelid surgery. however, i do not think it is obvious at all and it made no difference to my look. my... READ MORE

Asian eyelid surgery, my eyes are very uneven. Is this normal at all? (Photo)

I had Asian double eyelid surgery on November 10th 2016 and today is November 28th . My eyes are still very very uneven , it was uneven since I got... READ MORE

Is it normal for my eyes to feel tight or have a pulling effect when looking straight after double eyelid surgery?

Im 6 wks post op for double eyelid surgery. I still have a hard time opening my eyes fully as I can always feel a light pull or tension when I look... READ MORE

Is it normal to have daily fluctuations of eyelid shape & size after Asian eyelid surgery (1 month post op)?

I am 1 mth postop after having Asian eyelid surgery. My eyelids are way too big for my liking. I know I have to be patient and wait it out, but it's... READ MORE

Bump on eyelid after double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) (Photo)

There is red big bump on my eyelid after surgery.its my third week. Im afraid if it might be infected. Is it normal? Or its infected? I did my surgery... READ MORE

Asian blepharoplasty extended incision. Do other surgeons do this technique? (Photos)

I had Asian blepharoplasty for the second time after 6 months as I was not happy with the results. I went to the same surgeon who did my first surgery... READ MORE

Lots of small white bumps after Asian eyelid surgery. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have done Asian eyelid surgery 3 years ago. This time he only cut some skin out to tighten the skin. However, since left and right heights were... READ MORE

Extra line after double eyelid surgery. Is this normal? (Photo)

I just did my double eyelid operation.. it is now 4 weeks.. And I am worried about the additional line fold next to the corner of the eye towards the... READ MORE

Is it normal for my eyes to be this swollen 4 months post asian blepharoplasty? Will the swelling go down? (Photos)

I had revision blepharoplasty done on dec 14, 2016. Its been 4 months and I am worried about the persistent swelling. I look sleepy all the time... READ MORE

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