Monolid + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Is It Possible to Get a Monolid/epicanthic Fold?

I am partly asian,i have almond shaped eyes and stretchy lids but i do NOT have a monolid or epicanthical fold as you can see. when I pull my lids... READ MORE

Monolid Creation Surgery?

I personally really like the look of asian eyes, but I have caucasian double lids, and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a surgery to... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery: Fat Reduction? (photo)

I want to remove the fats from my eyelid without becoming double eyelids,i mean the "typical " double eyelids for asian eyes, i just dont like it. i... READ MORE

Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery and Recreate Monolid?

Clarifying - I chose a wrong procedure undergoing double asian eyelid surgery. I wanted to keep my monolid, but simply wing out my lid and get a lift... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Lift Without Creating a Fold?

I have asian monolid eyelids and I think they are beginning to get droopy from weight loss. IS there a lift I can get to the eyelids without creating... READ MORE

Will my eyelid go back to the way it was? (Photo)

I'm Asian, but I have double lids. But recently I woke up and saw that one eye looks monolidded now. There's still a crease though, so it's more... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Gone Bad? (not Sure)

I have single eyelids. But I put eyelid tape in them to create a double eyelid, and on the day of the consultation, I had the eyelid tape on. I took... READ MORE

Is it possible to get an eyelid lift with an Asian monolid without needing to create a double eyelid? (photo)

I'm looking for an eyelid procedure to remove some of the excess skin and maybe fat in my eyelids that gives me a droopy, sleepy, hooded appearance.... READ MORE

How to fix my mean looking asian eyes? (photos)

Okay so I am a 20 years old asian male with a serious resting bitch face due to my monoeyelids. Hence, whenever I am not smiling, I always look angry... READ MORE

Fix hooded eyes on monolids? (Photo)

I have hooded eyes as well as monolids. I'm not looking to get double eyelid surgery as I actually quite like the look of monolids. I was wondering if... READ MORE

I'm Asian and have 1 monolid. Is scarring formed by the incision during Asian Eyelid surgery very noticeable?

I am a 23 years old Asian, and I want to get a double eyelid surgery done. I have a mono lid on one eye, and a double lid on the other. 1. Is the... READ MORE

Is blepharoplasty right for me?

I have very heavy, fat, monolids. It pushes down on my lashes to the point where it touches my cornea and causes me to tear. I do not want too much of... READ MORE

What is the Right Procedure for my Eyelid Type?

I have monolids, my eyes are droopy especially my outer canthus points way downwards compared to most asians, one doctor told me that my ptosis can't... READ MORE

Why do my eyes get puffy to the point where it looks like I have monolids?

I'm Asian, and both of my eyelids are double lids, so sometime when I wake up why do the turn to monolids?? They stay that way for up to 2 weeks. READ MORE

What if I want a brow bone but have limited time?

So i am going to korea for a week or so and i really want a blepharoplasty. I have a mono lid but I put on double eyelid adhesive every day. and when... READ MORE

what do I do if I want double eyelids?

I have been thinking about getting eyelid surgery once I get old enough but, I'm very scared about asking my parents about it. I have monolids and I... READ MORE

Which Blepharoplasty surgery should iI undertake? (photos)

So i am going to korea for a week or so and i really want a blepharoplasty. I have a mono lid but I put on double eyelid adhesive every day. and when... READ MORE

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