Lower + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Possible to Lower Crease and Make It Less Hooded?

Overall, I want my crease lowered, but also the skin on my eyelids overlap each other by a lot, which when I tilt my head back there's so much... READ MORE

Double eyelid surgery DST or incision surgery? Low crease or medium crease? (Photo)

I think i have different eye shapes on both of my eyes. Whenever I smile my left eye is noticeably smaller than the right, my eye bags will be raised... READ MORE

Is it possible to lower my double eyelid crease with a revision? (Photo)

Is it possible to lower my double eyelid crease? This would be my 4th procedure because the first time it was perfect but temporary suture. The 2nd... READ MORE

Will double eyelid surgery lower my eyebrows? Is double eyelid surgery for me? (Photo)

As you can see in the photo, i already have double eyelids. i want to make my crease only a tiny bit bigger but more importantly i DO want lower... READ MORE

Lowering Double Eyelid Consequences?

I want to lower my double eyelid. it is currently 4mm high when opened. i read about one of the non excisional method that says .. " After the... READ MORE

I Am Asian, and Had Upper and Lower Bleph. Is It Possible to Lower my Eyelid Crease? (photo)

Its been 11 days since my upper and lower bleph and I am very unhappy with the upper eyelid result. I originally just wanted a lower bleph to remove... READ MORE

Will an asian upper bleph LOWER the eyebrows? (Photo)

I'm looking at pictures of asian blephs and it seems that their eyebrows are always lower in the afters...will this always be a factor and an effect... READ MORE

Revision Asian eyelid surgery to lower crease possible? (Photo)

I had Asian eyelid surgery 3 months ago, and my incisions are too high, too deep and uneven. There are also some hard scar tissue beneath the skin. I... READ MORE

Do I need a simple upper eyelid lift or do I need something more complex to address my uneven saggy eyelids? (photos)

I'm half Asian and 40 years old, and as I have aged the uneven crease in one eye has caused my eyelid to droop lower than the other. I am willing to... READ MORE

Uneven Eyelid folds - How to fix this? (photo)

I'm asian, and the fold on my right eye is lower down on my lid than my left eye. This means that when my eyes are open, the right eyelid folds over... READ MORE

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