Hollows + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Upper Eyelid Hollowness After Ptosis Repair

Hi, I am 32 years old Asian female. Apr 2011, I had a surgery to repair ptosis. However, my left upper eyelid became too hollow, stiff and sunken. I... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Asian Blepharoplasty with Canthoplasty to Improve Eyelids?

Do I need a Brow lift & Canthoplasty (lateral AND medial) with Asian Blepharoplasty? If you take a look at my pictures, you will see that I have a... READ MORE

After Asian Eyelid Surgery Will my Left Eye's New Crease Fold Better Due to Hollow? (photo)

Before surgery my left eye had a bit more of a hollow then my right. As a result, my crease looks different after surgery. I'm worried about the... READ MORE

How Likely Are Hollow Eye Sockets Following Asian Eyelid Surgery?

What cause eyes the hollowness of the eye sockets after Asian eyelid surgery? READ MORE

1 month post Asian Eyelid Surgery. Crease is high and deep set, making my eyes look hollow. Can massage fix this?(photos)

What can I do to make crease less deep and more natural looking. Massage? Warm pack? Crease is 8mm from the lash line. Did the doctor make too tight... READ MORE

My eyelid crease won't crease after double eyelid surgery, it looks hollow even though I didn't get anything taken out? (photo)

Even though I did not get any fat or skin taken out/cut off, my new creases push my eyelids into my sockets instead of folding. Is this normal? The... READ MORE

How is Asian blepharoplasty performed? Possible ptosis or just swelling? (Photo)

I read that it takes 5-7-10 days for Asian upper eyelids to look presentable. I am 12 days past the surgery. Am wondering whether it's ptosis or the... READ MORE

Damage to Orbital Fats?

Im 24, my eyes became hollow due to eyelid revision. A friend of mine told me that sometimes it not because of the fat removed that is causing... READ MORE

Autologous Fat Grafting?

Im 24,female,asian and i'm planning to get autologous fat grafting (incision method to orbit septm)cuz my eyes are hollow after the upper eyelid... READ MORE

Surgery Causes Trauma to Orbital Fats?

Question 1: Im planning to have 3rd surgery on my upper eyelid (lowering) and fat grafting on for sunken eyes. Will the 3rd surgery or fat injection... READ MORE

Do I need a simple upper eyelid lift or do I need something more complex to address my uneven saggy eyelids? (photos)

I'm half Asian and 40 years old, and as I have aged the uneven crease in one eye has caused my eyelid to droop lower than the other. I am willing to... READ MORE

Why has a fold formed above my incision after blepharoplasty? Is it levator muscle abornomality ptosis or hollow eye? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I am 21 days post op Asian blepharoplasty. Is the fold/wrinkle forming above the left incision the result of a levator muscle... READ MORE

My right crease is still high why is this? Can this be corrected? (photos)

The height of crease discussed with my surgeon having 5-6mm which is moderate. Time of surgery he said because I was a contact lense wearer my tendon... READ MORE

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