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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time

What's the average/typical recovery time after a double eyelid surgery (incision based)? I'm a male, I can't apply make up to hide any... READ MORE

What Are Some of the Effects After Removing an Epicanthal Fold During Asian Eyelid Surgery?

If the epicanthal fold is removed during an Asian eyelid surgery, does it prolong the healing and restrict the use of contact lenses? READ MORE

Healing Period and Effects of Removing Epicanthal Fold?

I have natural double eyelids. however, i would like to remove my epicanthal fold to make my eyes bigger. can anybody have their epicanthal fold... READ MORE

Swellings 2 weeks after bi-lateral Blepharoplasty for double eyelid

I have just had double eye-lid surgery.  It looked great before the stitches were taken out after 2 weeks - hardly any swelling and barely any... READ MORE

Can I Go Back to Work 4 Days After an Asian Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I want to get an upper eyelid surgery, however, i can take 2 days off work only. Is it possiable that i have a surgery on Wednesday noon, and get back... READ MORE

Fold Doesn't Seem To Be Healing Properly, What Should I Do? (photo)

Update since last question. It has been 3 months. As you can see there is still a fold in the inner corner which bothers me but my doctor has just... READ MORE

I Had Asian Eyelid Revision with Epicanthoplasty & Noticed Theres a Line Above my Suture, Will That Go Away?

It's post op day 3, the swelling went down a bit. I had asian eyelid revision with epicanthoplasty and ptosis repair. I noticed there's a line... READ MORE

What is Healing Time for Asian Blepharoplasty on Young Male?

What is the difference in healing times (for upper blepharoplasty in Asian) for a healthy 18 year old male, as opposed to someone 30, 40 even 50 years... READ MORE

Is my Right Eye Healing Okay? (photo)

Hello, I recently got a 3-DST procedure on both of my eyes, and a ptosis procedure just on my left eye. Its been about a month now, and my right eye... READ MORE

Different Rate of Healing for Double Eyelid Surgery?

Is it normal for patients to experience different rates of healing at different parts of the crease on the same eye? I feel like the end closest to my... READ MORE

It's been 6 weeks since my double eyelid surgery and my eyelid is still red and swollen. (Photo)

Why am I taking so long to heal and do you think I have hyper pigmentation staining or something? Thanks READ MORE

I had double eyelid stitches done 8 days ago. My left eye looks so normal while right eye is half open. Is it alright? (Photo)

I feel the pressing on my right eye. It looks so dull n lifeless. I m beginning to worry n feel so stressed. I know swell is normal but left eye seems... READ MORE

Incision Still Hasn't Sealed After 2 Weeks - Should I Be Concerned?

I underwent Asian eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago and part of my incision on both eyes still haven't healed. Should I be concerned about this? Also, I see... READ MORE

Am I healing normally at 9.5 weeks post surgery for upper blepharoplasty? Full incisional (Photos)

I have gotten full incisional double eyelid surgery, removing fat/skin and also taking in the inner corners slightly, and it has been 9.5 weeks. I'm... READ MORE

Will my indented scar from blepharoplasty heal over time? If not, what are my options?

6 yrs. ago, I had partial incision Asian blepharplasty. 3mm incision was made to the middle of my lids. My eyelids healed after the surgery, but ,... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op, still bad results (Photo)

Please, can I get some more professional opinion on my results. It looks horrible. My surgeon doesn't seem concerned, but this was not what I asked... READ MORE

Asymmetrical eyelids after revision blepharoplasty. Unsure what's wrong/what to do. (Photo)

I had revision asian blepharoplasty with epicanthoplasty. After the surgery, I experienced mild bleeding of my left eye that lasted 24 hours, and... READ MORE

Asian blepharoplasty; scar still red? (Photo)

I have asian bleph 4 and half months ago, but the scar still red, the redness is better but it's still hypertrophic lumpy and the corner of the eyes.... READ MORE

Asian blepharoplasty not healing evenly. Will eyes end up matching? (Photo)

I had a blepharoplasty done 5 days ago. My right eye had a nice fold but my left eye had a false fold that was higher than the right. I am worried... READ MORE

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