Extra Skin + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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My epicanthoplasty surgery, visible scarring? (photo)

Hi everyone, the purpose of my post is to share my epi/double eyelid experience. As you can see from the first photo,I had a chunk of extra skin. And... READ MORE

10 days post op, I have extra skin/fold. Is this normal? (photos)

Recovering from double eyelid surgery (non incisional) 10 days ago. Concerned about extra crease near the corners of my eye. I had tapered lids before... READ MORE

Is It Worth It for Me to Get Asian Double-eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I have decent sized eyes... they have that wide-open look, which I know is what a lot of Asian try to achieve with this surgery. But over time, I've... READ MORE

Too much skin on top of right eye making it hard to open fully. Do I need a revision and is it easily corrected? (Photo)

I am in my early 40s and at 11 days since my op. I know I still have some swelling and that each eye heals at different rate but I feel that my right... READ MORE

Which type of (Asian) eyelid surgery am I a good candidate for? (Photos)

I definitely prefer the suture method, but though I'm pretty young and have thin eyelids, I wear contacts. My right eye may have too much extra skin... READ MORE

Why can't I see my stitches like other people's surgery results? Why can't I see any crease? (photos)

I just had my asian blepharoplasty today. The surgery took only an hour. I was really happy with the surgery at first but as i look more at myself in... READ MORE

Extra skin on right eye after Asian double eyelid surgery. Why are the inner corners so different? Do I need a revision? (Photo)

I had my double eyelid surgery a month ago and now my left and right eyes look different. My doctor said that the asymmetry is caused by swelling.... READ MORE

Is the cut made by the Surgeon in 3rd surgery symmetric on both the eyes? Will I get the same result as 2nd surgery? (photo)

I had undergone Asian Blepharoplasty 3 times. I have done the 3rd surgery 5 days ago to remove extra skin above the eyelids . Looks like the new cut... READ MORE

Can I have double eyelid (upper) surgery with allergy on my eyes?

Hi. I have allergy (for dust mites) year around on my both eyes. Of course I use drops every day non stop. It's a mild allergy. I was planning to have... READ MORE

Do other people have this or is this just a unique thing that only I have? (Photo)

I'm not Asian so it can't be extra skin from that but just wondering READ MORE

Is it possible to obtain an epicanthic fold? (photo)

I have quite a bit of extra skin on my upper eyelids, so I was wondering if it's possible to surgically create an epicanthic fold? I attached a photo... READ MORE

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