Excess Skin + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Asian Blepharoplasty for Natural Hidden Double Lids w/ Excess Skin Covering Tear Ducts

I have natural double eyelids, that are often masked by excess skin because they are low. As well as the beginning of my fold being extra skin by my... READ MORE

What Procedure Best Suits Me if I Were to Get my Eyelids Done?

I'm interested in getting my eyelids done. I have excess skin on my lid and inherited small asian eyes from my father's side. All 5 of my... READ MORE

Excess Upper Eyelid Skin After Asian Eyelid Surgery?

I had asian eyelid revision surgery about 7 months ago. I have a lot of excess skin above the incision which folds over the it, making the eyes seem... READ MORE

Does Asian Blepharoplasty Cost More Than Non-Asian Blepharoplasty?

Asian blepharoplasty cost more than non-Asian blepharoplasty? I am an Asian with a crease want remove some excess fat and skin. Thank you. READ MORE

Wrinkles and Excess Skin After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I had both upper & lower blepharoplasty 4 months ago. Please tell me if I should have reconstructive surgery for the wrinkled skin texture at... READ MORE

How Would Blepharoplasty Work for my Set of Eyes? (photo)

I am interested in blepharoplasty to remove some fat and excess skin from my upper lids so my natural crease can show (see attached photos). I also... READ MORE

Is There an Upper Blepharoplasty Procedure to Remove Skin & Fat WITHOUT the Creation of Double Eyelid?

Hi, I'm an Asian female in my late twenties, and I have puffy hooded eyelids (excess skin and fat) with no crease/fold. They weigh down on my... READ MORE

How would one correct excess eyelid and too high crease caused by Asian eyelid surgery? (photo)

One of my eyes has a similar problem seen in the attached photos where the eyelid crease is too high and the eyelid has too much excess skin. I am... READ MORE

Asian female early 20s: Do I have eyelid ptosis? Too much eyelid skin/ fat? Or is it just low eyebrows? (Photo)

The shapes of my eyes differ dramatically depending on whether I have my eyebrows raised or not. I almost always have automatically eyebrows raised.... READ MORE

What are my best options for hooded eyelids? (photos)

I'm 35 and I have hooded eyelids. What is the best procedure I can get rid of some of the excess skin on my eyelids without looking "fake?" Thank you... READ MORE

Can scars from failed Asian eyelid surgeries be removed or modified? (Photo)

39 yr old Asian female underwent eyelid surgery 15 yrs ago. Surgery was repeated due to droopy eyelids following the 1st surgery. The 2nd surgery then... READ MORE

I am considering eyelid job, half/full facelift and nose procedure. Please give me your recommendations. (Photo)

See photos and please provide an approximate $$. 1) with stitches above my right eye, can I get symmetrical eyes, remove excess skin and create a... READ MORE

28 years old Asian, 2 month post-op left eye is still alot more swollen. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi, i had excess skin on my eyelids since i gave birth it became worse, i am 2 month post op. About three weeks after the my surgery i went in again... READ MORE

Eyes Improvements - Asian Male. What procedures would the best to enlarge and improve impression? (photos)

I am a 32 years old Asian (Japanese background) male. I had double eyelid surgery done by suture method about 4 years ago, but the crease is no longer... READ MORE

Can skin grafts in upper eyelids be done after incisional Asian double eyelid surgery?

In the case of genuine skin shortage due to excess skin removal in double eyelid surgery, are skin grafts possible? I know it is or occidental... READ MORE

Crease height too low? Asian double eyelid surgery

I am 3 weeks post op for Asian double eyelid surgery and the crease height now was what my doctor showed me as the final result during our initial... READ MORE

40 year old Asian upper blepharoplasty concerned about fat/muscle removal. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am considering upper eyelid blepharoplasty because the excess upper lid skin and I want to change the crease on my eyes. My crease is narrower at... READ MORE

Will this swelling go down more? I'm 3 weeks post Asian Eyelid Surgery.

3 weeks post of Asian eyelid surgery. I went for remove excess skin. But now eyelid is very high and I am worried it may not go down more. High crease... READ MORE

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