DST + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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DST (Suture Technique) Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - Natural?

Is the DST (suture technique) asian double eyelid surgery look natural when the eyes are closed? I have heard that there will be a line / fold visible... READ MORE

Best Method for Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

Hello, I am in my mid-20s. 1. What are the pros and cons of laser double eyelid surgery vs. non-incisional DST double eyelid surgery? 2. Is it... READ MORE

Double Suture Technique (DST) - Permanent?

I got double sutures on my eyelids 10 years ago--but I read everywhere that this procedure is not permanent and it has gotten me worried. Mine has... READ MORE

Had DST EyeIid Procedure Done Two Weeks Ago but Eyes Are Still Swollen and Its Not Going Down? (photo)

Hi, I wanted a medium size and a parallel crease. Both of my eyelid creases are higher than what I wanted and its still puffy looking in the crease... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery with DST; Possible to Change from Semi-lunar to Parallel Crease?

I had my double eyelid surgery done with DST technique two years ago, but I am not satisfied with the semi-lunar shape created by the surgery. Is it... READ MORE

Double eyelid surgery DST or incision surgery? Low crease or medium crease? (Photo)

I think i have different eye shapes on both of my eyes. Whenever I smile my left eye is noticeably smaller than the right, my eye bags will be raised... READ MORE

I Just Had the DST Asian Eyelid Procedure 2 Days Ago, Can I Conceal the Bruising Before the 1 Week Mark?

I Just Had the DST Asian Eyelid Procedure 2 Days Ago, Can I Conceal the Bruising Before the 1 Week Mark? READ MORE

Small, Hooded Eyelid After Asian Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I'm 20 & I had the surgery years ago -- it was the DST method. I like that it's pretty much permanent with little scarring. But the crease is... READ MORE

Eyes asymmetry after DST double eyelid and epicanthoplasty. What kind of revision would I need? (Photo)

I did dst and epi almost 1 and half month ago. One of the inner corner of my eye seems longer. One eye have more white area. Furthermore, the smaller... READ MORE

Will my Eyes Remain to Look Tired and Droopy in Future? (Post Surgery Concern) (photo)

Hi. I just had my double eyelid surgery (DST method - scarless) done recently. Today is my 12th day after surgery. The wounds have completely healed.... READ MORE

What is the cost of Asian eyelid surgery?

I would like to know the costs of DST method and incisional method of asian eyelid surgery can anyone pls suggest me I'm from San Francisco bay area I... READ MORE

Pitfalls of the double suture technique?

If I get the Double Suture Technique to deepen my soft crease (I am Asian), will this cause stretching of the eyelid skin, similar to what happens... READ MORE

Uneven eyelids after DST eyelid surgery. Is this normal as part of the healing process? (Photo)

Hi there, I had a double eyelid procedure done about 5 days ago via the DST suture method. While it seems most of the swelling has gone, my left eye... READ MORE

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