Double Eyelid + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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How Long Do Double Eyelid Surgery Results Last?

How long can double eyelid surgery done by non-incision method (stitching method) last? READ MORE

Possible to Get Wider or Bigger Eyes?

I was born without double eyelids, but they naturally developed as I was growing up. However the size of my double eyelids constantly change... READ MORE

I Have Double Eyelids but Want to Get Bigger Eyes--what Kind of Surgery Do You Recommend?

I'm Asian and want bigger eyes, but unfortunately I already have double eyelids. Is there anything I can to make my eyes look bigger, or are there... READ MORE

Sometimes Have Double Eyelid?

Sometimes i have double eyelid, sometimes i have uneven eyelid and sometimes i have monolid.. from my right eye i have two creases and from my left... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Crease Too High and Unnatural? (photo)

Hi, i did a double eyelid surgery on 1 oct 2012. It has been 13 months after the surgery, however the double eyelid crease is still very high and... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Gone Wrong?

I just had my eyelid surgery, about 15 days ago. I didn't seem to get the results I wanted. I wanted a defined parallel double eyelid, but my double... READ MORE

Uneven Results After Double Eyelid Surgery Help? (photo)

I had double eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago and the crease looks uneven and one crease at the inner corner seems to be uncreasing with just the scar as... READ MORE

Is my Triple Eyelid Permanent?

So I purposely made an extra crease in my left eyelid and the next morning i woke up i had triple eyelids. I am naturally double lidded. However it... READ MORE

Triple Eyelid (Extra Lower Crease After Double Eyelid Tape)? (photo)

Hi there! Im an inborn double-eyelid girl. i remember 4 years ago i was using double eyelid tapes whenever i go to bed, hoping it would create a... READ MORE

My epicanthoplasty surgery, visible scarring? (photo)

Hi everyone, the purpose of my post is to share my epi/double eyelid experience. As you can see from the first photo,I had a chunk of extra skin. And... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Asymmetric Double Eyelid Crease Post-Op Asian Eyelid Surgery?

I am now one month post op after Asian double eyelid surgery. My concern is both of the eyes looks different in terms of the shape if the opening of... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Revision - More Scars?

I had incisional double eyelid surgery in May. After seeing my doctor recently, he offered a free revision procedure because the thinks that the lids... READ MORE

Undo Asian Double Eyelid by Adding Buffer Between Scar Tissue and Skin?

If an Asian with previous double eyelid had anchor technique to heighten crease is now dissatisfied with the higher crease, can they create a buffer... READ MORE

It is Normal to Have Swelling After 10 Days After Surgery? (photo)

It is 10 days after my double eyelid surgery and I feel that there is still considerable swelling and tightness in my lids. I find that my left eye is... READ MORE

My Eyelid is Still Swollen, Red After Three Weeks Post Revisional Double Eyelid Surgery? (Photo)

I had revision surgery on one eye. As you can see it's still pretty high, red, swollen and it's been three weeks. My lashes are still upturned. Has... READ MORE

HELP! Asymmetry After Suture Double Eyelid Surgery. Do I Have Ptosis? When & Can I Reverse This? (photo)

SHOULD I ASK MY SURGEON TO REVERSE THIS? When? I got the suture double eyelid surgery 3 days ago. I had slight asymmetry BEFORE the surgery but my... READ MORE

Can I reverse my double eyelid surgery by stretching the upper eyelid and making the crease lower? (photos)

I had revision double eyelid surgery 3 month ago . Eyelids were created too high and distance between brow - crease and crease - eyelashes is the same... READ MORE

Failed Double Eyelid Surgery. Crease Disappeared?

Hi Dr Lim, About two years ago I went for double eyelid surgery in Thailand. I got the partial incision method with three cuts done. The sad thing is... READ MORE

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - Crease Forming or 2nd Surgery Needed? (photo)

Had asian double eyelid surgery. 1st picture is how I looked the 2nd night after surgery. Stitches on left eye are much higher than the stitches on... READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty After Double Eyelid Surgery?

Hi, may i know how long can i do epi surgery after double eyelid surgery if i do not want to do epi on the same day as my double eyelid surgery? READ MORE

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