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Can Anyone Recommend an Asian Eyelid Surgery Doctor in Vancouver?

Can anyone recommend an Asian eyelid surgery doctor in Vancouver? READ MORE

Ptosis in Asian Eyelids

I am a 32 year old Asian female and I was diagnosed as left eye ptosis (2mm-2.5mm). My oculoplastic surgeon suggested an internal incision method... READ MORE

Can Asian Eyelift Surgery Be Done on Caucasian Eyes?

I see doctors that do procedures for asian eye lift surgery specializing on asians. A lot of caucasians have droopy double eyelids that would like to... READ MORE

Good Surgeon for Asian Eyelid Surgery Revision in San Francisco Area?

I'm asian and just had eyelid surgery about 4 weeks ago. I'm not happy with the way my eyes seem very asymmetrical. The right eye crease seems to be... READ MORE

Recommendations for Asian Eyelid Surgery in Chicago

Can anyone recommend a doctor for Asian eyelid lift in Chicago? I am VERY afraid after reading all the unhappy reports. Thank you in advance for... READ MORE

Is This Picture Obtaintable? Also-Doctor Recommendations in Chicago for Blepharoplasty (Of the Asian Eyelid)?

I came across the photograph online of a young woman in Asia who seems to have several eyelid procedures. Can something like this be duplicated or... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Double Eyelid Surgery (Young Male) in LA or Beverly Hills

Hi are there any LA or beverly hills surgeons experienced in male double eyelid surgery? i researched male eyes are different during this surgery. i... READ MORE

Recommendations for Dr in NY For Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

I need a doctor that specializes in Asian double eyelid surgery in New York. any recommendations?? This will be my 6th attempt/5th revision. READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Surgeon in SF for Asian Eyelid Surgery and Rhinoplasty?

One who specializes in both, I am planning to have it done at the same time. READ MORE

Los Angeles to San Diego Area Doctor Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a true specialist/experienced for the asian eyelid surgery anywhere from beverly hills area all the way down to san diego area? READ MORE

Can an surgeon who knows the anatomy of the Asian eye (monolid) well let me know about types of eyelid surgeries? (photo)

I'm genuinely interested in changing my eyelid, as I have an eyelid crease and my desired look doesn't. I think monolids are beautiful, and would love... READ MORE

Asian eyelids revision for lower creases with more symmetric eyelids. (Photo)

Got incisional eyelids with epi done 8 months ago and needed to have a revision done to make it even and lower the crease . The PS I talked to today... READ MORE

I'm looking for an Asain upper eyelid lift doctor in Toronto, any suggestions?

Would like to know any doctor in Toronto do sub-brow incision to lift upper eyelid. READ MORE

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