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How much does Asian Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Does Asian eyelid surgery cost more than a typical blepharoplasty?  READ MORE

Can I Have Surgery for an Epicanthic Fold?

I also loved this fold that most asians have. I think this fold is beautiful. I always wanted to have. I wouldn't really look fake or something... READ MORE

Cheapest and Best Way To Get Asian Eyelid Surgery?

I have been unhappy with my eyes for years and wanted to get eyelid surgery. The problem is I don't have the money to do so. I'm in such a bad... READ MORE

Can I get Caucasian eyes with double eyelid surgery? (Photo)

I'm a Burmese girl.My eye is a double eyelid type.But I wanna have western double eyelid type.I wonder it's possible for me to get Caucasian's eyes.i... READ MORE

Does Asian Blepharoplasty Cost More Than Non-Asian Blepharoplasty?

Asian blepharoplasty cost more than non-Asian blepharoplasty? I am an Asian with a crease want remove some excess fat and skin. Thank you. READ MORE

Double eyelid to single eyelid blepharoplasty (cost and risks)? (photos)

In the first picture below, I have "d" eyes. How much would it cost to surgically make them "single" eyelids, such as in the other two pictures? What... READ MORE

Can I change my Asian eyes to Caucasian eyes?

I want to know if i can change me eyes and how much does it cost READ MORE

What is the cost of Asian eyelid surgery?

I would like to know the costs of DST method and incisional method of asian eyelid surgery can anyone pls suggest me I'm from San Francisco bay area I... READ MORE

what do I do if I want double eyelids?

I have been thinking about getting eyelid surgery once I get old enough but, I'm very scared about asking my parents about it. I have monolids and I... READ MORE

How much does Asian blepharoplasty cost if done on only one eyelid using the suture technique? (Photo)

I have a defined crease on one eyelid and no crease at all on the other, making my eyes appear asymmetrical in size (similar to the picture attached).... READ MORE

Asian male, and I just realized that I have uneven eyes. What procedures/actions would be appropriate? (photos)

I am an Asian male, 22, and I just realized that my right eye appears slightly bigger than my left, the eyelids fold differently, and it's frustrating... READ MORE

How much would a minor job to change inner eye corner cost? (Photo)

My left eye has an epicanthic fold and my right eye doesn't. I'm half Asian but I think the left fold came from trauma Having the two different eye... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Surgery? (Photo)

My eyelids have are many layers and droopying. I want fix them to double eyeline. How much cost in Maryland area? which Dr. have Asina eyelid surgery... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor specialized in Asian blepharoplasty.

Hi, I'm 33 year old Asian female with undereye bags and hooded (double eyelid) eyes. I would like get both upper and lower eyelid surgery done at the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a blepharoplasty/upper eyelid surgery? (photos)

I am thinking of getting an upper eyelid surgery. I just started researching, so I don't know much about it. I uploaded few pictures for a general... READ MORE

I want to get double eyelids, rhinoplasty and fat graft. How much would it cost for all these procedures? (Photo)

I also wanna get double eyelids, rinoplastic and fat graft as well. Could you tell me how much do you costs for all procedures? I use eye tape to... READ MORE

How much does monolid surgery cost, and where can I have it done?

Monolid operation? Where? What's the cost? , I'm half Chinese, and only have the "Asian" eye shape a little. I saw that someone got the surgery done,... READ MORE

How can I make my eyes look more Asian? (photos)

To be more specific, I would like to look more 'Korean'. The look I would like to achieve is like the one in the photo, but it doesn't necessarily... READ MORE

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